An Interview with Notty Taylor

By Damilola Grey

Dami: What pushed you to start making music?

Notty Taylor: I was most directly inspired to do music by Terence “t.ANT” Pitchford. We from the same neighborhood, and he was the first person that I knew that had his own clothing line, and rapped on his own beats. The first person popping his shit for real, and who embodied what an artist is. He taught me everything I know. Being inspired by OutKast, Lil Wayne, and T.I early on in my youth pushed me to become more of a fan and student of music. Then when Kanye West and Drake broke through, it gave me a different type of inspiration. I actually saw myself a major label artist for the first time and wanted to create music that felt like theirs.

Dami: With all these inspirations, how would you now describe your sound?

Notty Taylor: Ideally, the journey I’m on right now has a destination of making sounds that feel like late nights in a city near you.

Dami: Is there anything else that inspires you when making music apart from the intention of making soothing, mellow tracks?

Notty Taylor: My environments inspire me every day. Whatever it is I’m currently experiencing or have past experiences with, I try to draw from creatively.

Dami: How are you able to handle growth as an artist while sticking to your sound?

Notty Taylor: Keeping the Purple Room Creative family as close as possible. Having a support system is important, and I work with extremely talented creatives and visionaries.

Dami: Can you tell us more about the Purple Room Creative?

Notty Taylor: Purple Room Creative is best described as an idea(s) company that was founded by me and t.ANT. Everything from creative design, culture curation, fashion, food, live performances, music, production and videography. Literally everything.

Dami: On your previous projects like Cutlass, Getmethru, and Nottyhrs, you’ve kept your sound while adding elements of other sounds too. Should we expect more from future projects?

Notty Taylor: Every project is an extension of me and t.ANT and what we’ve built. Overall, I stay the same but how I’m feeling at any given time is subjective. The music has to embody that. I’ve never heard the same exact sound from CD to CD or even song to song from Ye. He’s always finding new ways to express himself, so a lot of his most ambitious ideas drive us to do the same things: create with boundaries.

Dami: Can you tell us more about NOTTOBER?

Notty Taylor: THANK ME Thursdays are back. It’s like a bonus season to the series.

Dami: Tell us more about THANK ME Thursdays?

Notty Taylor: I’ve been doing these runs since 2018, where we drop something new from Notty Taylor every week for 2-3 months straight. New concepts, flows, and styles- new everything. Vault therapy.

Dami: You’re starting it with a single titled “Driveway”. What should we expect from it?

Notty Taylor: It sounds like a late night in a city near you. Styles and flows. Fun and to the point.

Dami: What has been the most challenging part of being an artist?

Notty Taylor: Funding my ideas.

Listen to “DRIVEAWAY” by Notty Taylor HERE.


3wade shares infectious single, “Issues”

By Todd Anderson

3wade is an on the rise recording artist who has been seeing much success this year. His music has been trending as more are becoming aware of his presence within the music industry. He has been diligently working on the growth of his brand and has found joy in the hustle. Recently he released a record with Asian Doll “Erupt” that has been trending everywhere. The pair complimented each other well on this track.

Although his favorite record is his song titled “Issues”. This song for him means a lot because it was a song he left his all on. He spoke his story, emotions and knowledge onto this track and honed in on his melodic vocals thus creating his vibe today. If it wasn’t for creating music he would still find a profession being around it. If he wasn’t the artist he would want to help develop other artists into star potential as a label owner.

3wade is currently working on a new album set to release around February. The grind doesn’t stop. Make sure you tap into his content now before he releases new records. This artist is already on the radar as one that could surprise the industry and other mainstream artists.

Watch the video for “Issues” here:


Nkosi Bourne delivers introspective new mixtape, ‘Glimpse’

Brooklyn-based artist Nkosi Bourne has shared a new mixtape, titled Glimpse. Chock full of emotional tracks that capture vivid lyrical portraits by course of Bourne’s sharp pen game, the project provides a refreshingly heartfelt dosage of East Coast underground hip-hop. Preceded by a series of well-received singles such as “No BS”, “Positive Affirmations”, and “Squares” that flirted with lo-fi soundscapes effectively, Glimpse builds off the poignancy of those singles to make for a richly thoughtful, introspective journey into the mind of the artist.

Songs like the title track opener and closer “Therapy” are glowing and ethereal sonically, while containing descriptive, sharply-crafted lyrics that draw the listener in to Bourne’s inner world. “Drowning” provides a jazzy, nocturnal feel with its smoky guitars and laid-back percussion, providing a solid foundation for Bourne’s smooth, laid-back flows. “What’s A Little Time?” is expressive and experimental, with jaunty, organic percussion creating a more abstract rhythmic backdrop and showcasing Bourne’s versatility.

Overall, Bourne’s new EP is a potent, layered project running with an undercurrent of authenticity, making for an engagingly emotional listen.

Stream Glimpse below and get familiar with the rising Brooklyn artist.

Connect with Nkosi Bourne: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter


JASMINEGOLD share refreshing new offering, “friendly fire”

Florida experimental hip-hop artists JASMINEGOLD, comprised of David Nights and Kj, have returned with a new single called “friendly fire”. Continuing their streak of eclectic, boundary-pushing offerings after the release of their well-received project Serpent, “friendly fire” is a poignant and expressive track that finds them delivering sharply-crafted bars and characteristically outside-the-box production.

“friendly fire” contains refreshing, bouncy production by Kj that opens with sleek reversed keys, before buoyant, airy percussion and 808s moor the beat with rich grooves. Atop the lush instrumentation, Nights delivers engaging, laid-back flows before a beat switch brings in a powerful, glitchy backdrop and he ups the ante with self-contained yet ferocious bars. The second half of the beat is electrifying, with swirling samples and fast-paced, energetic percussion giving it an intense flair.

With the release of “friendly fire”, JASMINEGOLD have also dropped a new music video, which engagingly presents a lo-fi aesthetic. Raw, gritty shots suit the surreal, dark feel of the song, making for a cohesive visual accompaniment. Watch the video here:

The latest from Florida’s JASMINEGOLD, “friendly fire” is another example of their potent left-field sound, and makes for a strong offering following their vibrant album Serpent.

Listen to “friendly fire” now:

Connect with JASMINEGOLD: Spotify | Instagram


Connie Roses and Royal Haunts share eclectic single “Bells and Bugs”

By Jacob Ezra

Pittsburgh’s Connie Roses has connected with Royal Haunts for a new single called “Bells and Bugs”. Following up his recent single, “The City”, which incorporated influences from hip-hop and punk for a cathartic, raucous listen, “Bells and Bugs” shows a different side of Roses musically, with vibrant, airy sounds and R&B flourishes. “Bells and Bugs” is textural and character-rich like many releases in his discography, yet finds him exploring some new territory, with melodic-leaning vocals and a more laid-back, yet still vaguely unsettling, mood.

Like his previous single “The City”, “Bells and Bugs” expresses frustration, but in a more subtle way, through abstract imagery and sounds that recall a colorful kaleidoscope. The song’s atmospheric synths, watery keys, and bouncy percussion feel minimalistic, yet at the same time create a “sheet of sound” effect, to intriguing results. Atop the vivid instrumentation, Roses and Royal Haunts deliver contrasting yet cohesive performances, finding a natural chemistry as they balance hip-hop influenced deliveries with melodic inflections. Their performances interestingly blend the uncertain with the calm, playing a large role in the mercurial feel that is central to the track.

“Bells and Bugs” does an effective job of balancing contrasting sounds and moods in a cohesive manner, primarily relaxed and expressive yet with a constant undercurrent of something uncertain. The song conjures a feeling of anxiety about existence in today’s chaotic modern world, yet is moored and grounded by rich, sturdy grooves, and a potent vibrancy.

Listen to “Bells and Bugs” now:

Watch the video for “Bells and Bugs” here:


The Ian Moore shares potent new single “Change”

St. Louis-based artist, The Ian Moore, has released his newest single, titled Change. This new offering shows a new side of Ian’s artistic toolbox delivering an ambient pop track as opposed to his more hip-hop leaning catalog. On this new sound Moore says, “I keep trying to evolve and get better with my music and try new and fresh things. I hope everyone enjoys!” It’s hard not to nod your head as you listen along to this one.

Following the release of his 14 track album, INFINITY FOREVER, this track shows Ian’s musical evolution adding a new sonic palette to his catalog. An anthemic and reverb soaked vocal cuts through emotional pianos and synthesizers. The drum pad enters the track and takes the song a dimension further to cement Moore’s lyrics of changing.

“Change is about willing to make a significant change or alteration to the old ways in a relationship in order to turn it into something else for the better,” The Ian Moore says. He said he hopes this song will inspire people to continue following their dreams and pushing through the hard times, even if that hard time is a relationship gone south – the backbone of the new single.

This track aligns with the artist’s core philosophy in why he started making music in the first place. Back in 2018 he started creating as a form of therapy to help cope with the struggles he faced in life. “While it still poses as a form of therapy, it has grown into something much more.”

With previous coverage that includes Rolling Stone India, Hype Magazine, Music Crowns, and more as well as collaborations with artists such as well-known hip-hop act, Futuristic – The Ian Moore continues to evolve.

Listen to “Change” now:


Divert share infectious new single, “feeling you out”

Fast-rising music group Divert have shared a new single called “feeling you out”. Featuring engaging performances from Divert artists TOPFLOOR, WAX, Ghetto Guitar, and Prod Jai, “feeling you out” is a poignant and sharply-crafted track that showcases that this is a group worthy of paying attention to.

“feeling you out” blends genres for a refreshing, idiosyncratic offering. With a driving bass-line that draws influence from punk that pairs with crisp, trap-influenced percussion and raw guitars, the instrumental on “feeling you out” is electrifying and addictive.

A highlight is the track’s vocals, with each artist showcasing kinetic chemistry as they trade versatile yet cohesive verses. Packed full with commanding, memorable melodies that blend elements of punk, hip-hop, pop, and more, “feeling you out” is a song that tantalizes with its enticing, energetic sound.

The latest from the rising music group Divert, “feeling you out” makes for a catchy, focused release and has us excited for what may be coming next from them.

Listen to “feeling you out” now:

Connect with Divert on Instagram HERE.


Alley Rocket continues hot streak with new single “Like That”

By Damilola Grey

Rap Villain founder and Newark native, Alley Rocket is back with another single titled “Like That”. He has been on a winning streak, feeding his fans (popularly known as cadets) with nothing but bangers for the past few months, and he extends that streak now with the release of this single.

On “Like That”, Alley Rocket takes a melodic approach. Rocket talks about what he likes in life: from Jordan 4’s and 9’s to women. He also talks about a lady who sees as more unique than other women, even if she seems, on the surface, like the others. “Like That” is a geechie drill track with amazing production, catchy lyrics and melodies, which can only be done by the top V himself; Alley Rocket. It’s a song everyone can vibe and relate to.

With Rocket extending his hot streak with this single, all we can wonder is “what’s next?”

Stream “Like That” on all platforms HERE.


Tireek drops motivational track “No More”

By Damilola Grey

New York native, Tireek is most notably known as a very talented rapper who drops introspective and inspirational verses in most of his tracks. The Brooklyn artist is back with another single titled, “No More”, which features another talented rapper, Rozotadi.

On this track, Tireek talks about being his goal of being the greatest, as well as being widely regarded. He states that giving up is not an option since it’s the life he chose and also talks about his plans to make his team proud. Tireek’s verse is packed with amazing wordplay and bars, as well as a delivery which can only be described as perfect. Rozotadi also graces the track with a verse nothing short of amazing. “No More” has a very vibey, up-tempo feel to it and can be played during those times you’re feeling down or unmotivated.

When I talked to Tireek about “No More”, he said “it’s a song about reclaiming your power and securing all the things that you hope to obtain in life. It’s about never letting anything take you out of your element again and staying ten toes down as you reach new heights”. With a release this good, we won’t be surprised at the great heights Tireek will reach.

Stream No More HERE on all platforms.


TCM Pain demonstrates his “Patience” on new single

By Todd Anderson

TCM Pain drops another solo hit with “Patience”. Pain is shocking the music game as he expresses his feelings in this melodic, heartfelt anthem. He flows from bar to bar with his aesthetic tone and metaphorical rhyme scheme with some slight touches of r&b.

On the track, he raps, “Just have some, patience…Can I have some patience? Diamond on your finger I been contemplating.” With this new track, Pain has won over the hearts of both his mystery lover as well as his fans. Since his debut, he has made an impact to hip-hop music today. Be sure to keep a lookout on TCM Pain as he will be rolling out more projects before the year is out!

Listen below and get familiar with the rising artist.