Madhouse shares energizing single “WTF”

Madhouse has shared a new release called “WTF.” This genre-blending track follows up an engaging series of singles including “Breathe” and “happiness.”, and provides an exciting, eclectic sound that gets the heart racing. Atop brisk instrumentation centred around grooving, infectious bass, energizing drums, Madhouse delivers sharply-crafted and addictive melodies that neatly fuse indie, alt-pop, and more. A versatile and vibrant offering, “WTF” has us anticipating a longer project from Madhouse hopefully sometime soon in the future, as it provides heavy replay value and a warm mood for the summertime.

Listen to “WTF” now:


Jireh shares smooth new offering “2 THE MAX” [Video]

Baton Rouge, Louisiana artist Jireh has returned with a new video for his recent single “2 THE MAX”. Showcasing his refreshing, idiosyncratic sound with a smooth self-produced beat and laid-back flows, “2 THE MAX” makes for an infectious, warm offering.

Containing buttery vocal samples and inspiring keys blending together atop crisp, grooving percussion, the instrumental for “2 THE MAX” creates a strong foundation for Jireh’s self-assured yet calming flow. He delivers a series of catchy, dynamic rhymes that draw the listener in to the track’s relaxed atmosphere, giving the track added replay value.

“2 THE MAX” has been paired with a new visual that captures the song’s confident, calming energy, as Jireh delivers a charismatic performance of the track that enhances its magnetic sound, watch it here:

The latest from Jireh, “2 THE MAX” finds him delivering an addictive and balmy offering that arrives just in time for the warmer months of summer.

Stream here:


Jahn Dough shares new release ‘The Garden Project’

By Damilola Grey

Jahn Dough has finally dropped the highly anticipated release The Garden Project. The 13 track tape features LaVoyce, Dizzy Wright, Helen Hailu, Unc Jr, Honey Daii, and Syo, as well as others. It also boasts of production from Donny Domino, Boy Jugo, Stillwater Max and more.

The project has a track for every vibe like a personal favorite of mine “Tuff Luv” where Jahn talks about his feelings and obsession for a woman, to “Gratitude” where him and $Tone, as the title implies, show their gratitude for everything from loyalty to peace to rainbows and more. Jahn didn’t disappoint with this project as his flow, amazing delivery and top tier production made this an album to remember. The featured artists also brought their A-game to this project.

When I asked the Dallas native what the project meant to him, he said “to me, this project means growth. Allowing oneself to grow and nurture the things we really want in life. I hope everyone walks away knowing anything they want in life, whether its peace, financial stability, fitness, or whatever it may be can be attained but it starts from within. You have to plant those seeds, nurture the soil and water your soul”. The Garden Project is Jahn planting the seeds of greatness, and we can’t wait to see what else he has on the way.

Stream The Garden Project:


A-D shares refreshing new single “Take Me”

By Todd Anderson

A-D has returned with a new single called “Take Me”. The artist, who began making music at only 7 years old, follows up infectious offerings like “Miami Rage” and “Wohoo” with this release. Here, he continues to provide the refreshing energy that has been present on his recent singles, but this time brings in a melancholic, introspective touch with expansive, pensive synth textures and sweeping bass. As driving percussion locks in an engaging rhythm, A-D delivers a series of catchy, sharply-crafted melodies that meld smoothly with the sparkling instrumentation, making for a vibrant and lively cut. Overall, “Take Me” has us anticipating a longer project from the artist, who continues to rapidly build a burgeoning discography.

Listen now:


Lonny Love shares fresh new full-length project, “HOECHELLA”

New York artist Lonny Love has shared a new sample drill album called HOECHELLA. Produced by Cash Cobain, this project features smooth, layered instrumentals and sharp, charismatic vocals, and flirts with a diverse array of sounds and styles.

HOECHELLA opens with “No BIZZY”, which features refreshing production centred around elegant strings, glowing keys, and infectious drums. Here, he delivers a series of dynamic verses that find him demonstrating his characteristically potent and charismatic delivery. “GO DOWN” switches up the vibe with rich, layered production that takes on a moodier feel, as clattering percussion locks in a catchy rhythm beneath. Throughout much of the album, Love puts a unique twist on classic sample drill sounds, with “Who U Fucked?” for example, demonstrating his diversity with a progressive, mind-bending instrumental and dextrous flows. Tracks like “BOOKA” and “DEAL WIT” are more melodic, with Love delivering a series of catchy melodies that can simply be described as ear candy. An immersive and diverse set of 14 tracks, HOECHELLA finds him handling the luxurious and at times off-kilter production with confidence.

The latest from New York’s Lonny Love, HOECHELLA is a smooth and colorful offering, putting a refreshing and unique twist on the fast-rising sample drill genre.

Listen now:


An Interview With Rising Artist Bimpin

By Avinash Singh

  1. Hi, Bimpin! How are you?

I’ve been feeling good, mentally and physically. 

  1. Where are you from?

I’m from Chicago and still live here to this day.

  1. How did you get into music?

I have always been surrounded by music since I was little. Both my brothers have really guided me towards different styles of music, which makes me a versatile artist today.

  1. What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

Seeing my numbers grow always feels like achievements to me and knowing there are people out there that really pay attention to me also feels like an achievement. Being recognized by The Recording Academy and major press publications are also some great gains. 

  1. What are 3 words that describe your music?

From my point of view 3 words that define my music specifically are unique, forward-thinking, meaningful.

  1. What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

Life has its ups and downs and money doesn’t define who you are when it’s still nice to have money. 

  1. Who inspires you the most musically?

My sound is influenced by rappers such as Young Thug, Gunna and Quavo while I’m inspired by artists such as Lil Baby, Travis Scott and Lil Wayne.

  1. Who is one artist you wish you could work with?

I feel Quavo and I’s sounds are extremely similar but also extremely different at the same time. A song where we work together and work with meaning would come out very well. 

  1. Tell us about any new music you have coming out?

I am about to drop a song called 2Life with Henny Hermes, KILJ and production by Stafford Beats. 2Life is written about success and fortune while mentioning personal experiences that were made to get there and to go forward. 

  1. Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

I want them to know even though I’m next up and grinding to get there, at the end of the day I’m just a regular 14 year old kid from Chicago learning my way through life. 

Listen to Bimpin here:


Francesca Wexler shares infectious single “Bronzefish”

Mississauga, Canada-based artist Francesca Wexler has shared a new single called “Bronzefish”. Following up her moody and expansive offerings “Cherry Fields Forever” and “Princess Diana”, “Bronzefish” once again finds her presenting sharp songwriting atop rich, mercurial production.

Containing elegant reversed keys drifting atop infectious, crisp percussion and rumbling 808s, the instrumental on “Bronzefish” is infectious and sleek. Wexler matches the beat’s energy with equally stylish and confident verses that demonstrate her focused command of the microphone. Here, her lyrics are thought-provoking and her delivery poignant, making for a gripping listen overall.

The latest from the prolific Mississauga, Canada-based artist, “Bronzefish” has us excited to hear what she has coming next, as she continues to expand her sound with each release.

Listen now:


Xav the Ripper returns with new single “ION EVEN CARE”

New Jersey writer, recording artist, and producer Xav the Ripper has returned with a new single called “ION EVEN CARE”. At 16, he taught himself how to be entirely self-sufficient in his recording process, learning how to record, mix, and engineer. After a series of sharply-crafted offerings in 2021, as well as 2022’s “No Cry” and “Champ’s League”, Xav has returned with a new offering called “ION EVEN CARE”.

Containing watery, immersive keys and crisp, grooving percussion, the instrumentation on “ION EVEN CARE” creates an appropriately relaxed backdrop for Xav’s calming vocal performance. He delivers a series of engaging melodic rap verses atop the lo-fi soundscape, drawing the listener into the song’s laid-back, warm atmosphere. The latest from the New Jersey artist, “ION EVEN CARE” continuous his prolific release schedule with another infectious offering.

Listen now:


Yung Chelsea shares warm new single “good heart”

22 year-old Illinois artist Yung Chelsea has shared a new single called “good heart”. Crafting music organically from the confines of his bedroom, he combines genres in an engaging fashion, drawing from a variety of influences including Lil Wayne, Lil Peep, and Mac Miller. “good heart” showcases his unique sound, providing an eclectic spin on mumble rap by combining lo-fi elements with acoustic guitars. Containing warm, grooving production and infectious vocal melodies, “good heart” is an uplifting and laid-back offering that beckons the listener to hit rewind. With dynamically written verses and an ear-worm chorus, “good heart” makes for a smooth and versatile listen.

Listen now:


Savvy Mcfly impresses with debut single, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”

By Trey Fox

While the South Carolina rapper Savvy Mcfly officially made his debut today, he showed the world flashes of skill and charisma on his “2010 freestyle” in March. On that record, he shined alongside fellow CQCX rappers King $ly and Lil Du Bois. Mcfly has returned in a similar vein, with an honest approach to lyricism and a well-crafted, catchy hook.

Mcfly paints a vivid picture of past memories, reminiscing about being a kid and learning to grow through exploration. He recalls fun experiences with friends, roaming the neighborhood until the infamous street lights beamed across his face. With fond memories beginning to blur as he gets older, Mcfly is still able to pull from his past. “Picking up the pieces, then create another fire verse,” he says proudly. 

Mcfly has found his footing and confidence despite previous spells of self-doubt. The song’s hook is melodic and captivating. “Feet don’t fail me now,” Mcfly cries out. His mountain peak is in clear view, and he knows he’s getting closer. He recognizes he’s on the right path, one that he says his parents are proud of. While the journey has caused some fatigue, he assures us that “baby came around and she grabbed the baton from me.” With support from the people he cares about and undeniable talent, Mcfly’s ascent into music is becoming a reality.

Stream “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” on all platforms HERE.