Occ Taee continues streak with “I H8TE HOES”

Occ Taee has returned to our pages with a fresh new single called “I H8TE HOES”, which follows up his well received prior song “Whats His Name”, released just 3 weeks ago.

Based in Indianapolis, Taee has been an artist on the rise, catching the attention of major labels with his tenacious authority and rising social media presence. 

Shimmering harp strings and engaging trap drums create an immersive, hard-hitting backdrop for Taee’s commanding, powerful flows on “I H8TE HOES”. This track continues to remind fans of his grit, hard work, and attention to detail. It’s a track that expresses his feelings to never trust anyone, sharing his past experiences and reminding his listeners to stay on their toes.

With “I H8TE HOES”, engineered by Tyler Weaver, Occ Taee proves once again that he’s here to stay. With his streak of consistent music drops, Occ Taee will make his name is not forgotten.

Listen to “I H8TE HOES” now:

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Jah Billz delivers infectious single, “Love Anthem”

Bronx artist Jah Billz has shared a new single called “Love Anthem”. Billz is a very versatile artist who has come from a long line of musicians, with his father being a DJ and his grandfather a prominent reggae musician in Antigua. Billz got his start rapping as a part of a group with his cousins, before embarking on a solo career that became very fruitful. His latest single “Love Anthem” follows up a series of engaging recent releases, providing a bouncy, infectious sound that hooks the listener in immediately.

“Love Anthem” retains a classic New York feel while also keeping its sound refreshing throughout, with airy, soulful samples containing ethereal vocals and sparkling keys drifting atop a strong, grooving rhythm section. Atop the vibrant production, Billz delivers crisp, commanding verses packed with emotion throughout.

The latest from New York artist Jah Billz, “Love Anthem” makes for a catchy, rich track that is smooth and stylish.

Listen to “Love Anthem” now:

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Boyu delivers stellar new album ‘Flower Garden’

St. Louis-bred, Los Angeles-based artist Boyu has delivered a stellar debut album in Flower Garden, a 12 track odyssey into vibrant, rich sonics and mesmerizing songwriting. The project remains versatile throughout, drawing from the best elements of modern indie-pop, alt-rock, and even hip-hop, as it refuses to be boxed in to one style or sound.

Here, Boyu’s emotive, poignant lyricism and sharply-crafted instrumentation shines through across many memorable moments. Opener and title track “Flower Garden” is a sublime, catchy dose of Boyu’s captivatingly colorful sound, embedding itself into the listener’s memory with its focused, ear-worm melodies. Then there are tracks like “Hands Around Your Throat”, which showcase Boyu’s diverse skillset as a songwriting with its bouncier, energizing tempo and driving rhythm. The wistful, nostalgic elegance of “Embers Of Our Innocence” bring back colorful memories of times past, as Boyu weaves together sharply-crafted melodies atop crisp percussion and immersive keys. Closer “Miata Trip” was our personal favorite from the record, with its sunny, airy sonics based around infectious vocals and dreamy, atmospheric guitars.

A truly remarkable sonic journey overall, Flower Garden captivates with its colorful spectrum of influences, drawing the listener into the songwriter’s world with its euphoric instrumentation and heartfelt lyricism.

St. Louis native Boyu began his musical journey as a classically-trained pianist before turning his attention to drums, guitar, and songwriting. Originally setting out on the path of corporate banking, Boyu made the decision to relocate from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA to follow his true passion- making music. Although he made his debut relatively recently in April 2021, his music and videos gained momentum very quickly and made an immediate impression with listeners, garnering an impressive 1,000,000+ streams independently.

Listen to Boyu’s debut album Flower Garden here and get familiar with the rising LA-based artist:

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An Interview with Notty Taylor

By Damilola Grey

Dami: What pushed you to start making music?

Notty Taylor: I was most directly inspired to do music by Terence “t.ANT” Pitchford. We from the same neighborhood, and he was the first person that I knew that had his own clothing line, and rapped on his own beats. The first person popping his shit for real, and who embodied what an artist is. He taught me everything I know. Being inspired by OutKast, Lil Wayne, and T.I early on in my youth pushed me to become more of a fan and student of music. Then when Kanye West and Drake broke through, it gave me a different type of inspiration. I actually saw myself a major label artist for the first time and wanted to create music that felt like theirs.

Dami: With all these inspirations, how would you now describe your sound?

Notty Taylor: Ideally, the journey I’m on right now has a destination of making sounds that feel like late nights in a city near you.

Dami: Is there anything else that inspires you when making music apart from the intention of making soothing, mellow tracks?

Notty Taylor: My environments inspire me every day. Whatever it is I’m currently experiencing or have past experiences with, I try to draw from creatively.

Dami: How are you able to handle growth as an artist while sticking to your sound?

Notty Taylor: Keeping the Purple Room Creative family as close as possible. Having a support system is important, and I work with extremely talented creatives and visionaries.

Dami: Can you tell us more about the Purple Room Creative?

Notty Taylor: Purple Room Creative is best described as an idea(s) company that was founded by me and t.ANT. Everything from creative design, culture curation, fashion, food, live performances, music, production and videography. Literally everything.

Dami: On your previous projects like Cutlass, Getmethru, and Nottyhrs, you’ve kept your sound while adding elements of other sounds too. Should we expect more from future projects?

Notty Taylor: Every project is an extension of me and t.ANT and what we’ve built. Overall, I stay the same but how I’m feeling at any given time is subjective. The music has to embody that. I’ve never heard the same exact sound from CD to CD or even song to song from Ye. He’s always finding new ways to express himself, so a lot of his most ambitious ideas drive us to do the same things: create with boundaries.

Dami: Can you tell us more about NOTTOBER?

Notty Taylor: THANK ME Thursdays are back. It’s like a bonus season to the series.

Dami: Tell us more about THANK ME Thursdays?

Notty Taylor: I’ve been doing these runs since 2018, where we drop something new from Notty Taylor every week for 2-3 months straight. New concepts, flows, and styles- new everything. Vault therapy.

Dami: You’re starting it with a single titled “Driveway”. What should we expect from it?

Notty Taylor: It sounds like a late night in a city near you. Styles and flows. Fun and to the point.

Dami: What has been the most challenging part of being an artist?

Notty Taylor: Funding my ideas.

Listen to “DRIVEAWAY” by Notty Taylor HERE.


Emma Alves releases her captivating new single “Cyber Pixie”

Vancouver-based musicians Emma Alves Solanin make their debut at Roundhouse Music with the latest single, “Cyber Pixie.” Delving into the Dubstep scene – the artist/producer duo develops an enthralling yet innovative sound by merging Emma’s captivating vocals over Solanin’s prominent production. 

As an immaculate display of artistry and passion for the craft, Cyber Pixie is a genre-bending project demonstrating both artists’ level of musicianship & adaptability. The production by Solanin exhibits intricate levels of dynamics and instrumentation – incorporating a hypnotic bassline, intricate arpeggios (played by guitarist Jonny Hypa) & complex textures atop Emma’s mesmerizing vocals. In light of the dedicated sound selection – the complexity of the production serves as the perfect backdrop to display Emma’s lyrical potential. The flawless execution of tension and release principles play a significant role in the song’s overall structure and exemplify the years of experience Emma has in composition and songwriting. As a result, the two have constructed a cohesive & distinctive sound – paving a path to an enticing wave of new music for listeners to anticipate.

Listen to Cyber Pixie on Spotify!

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Francesca Wexler Drops Commanding Debut EP, ‘I Promise’

By Trey Fox

Francesca Wexler is an emerging artist based in Toronto, Ontario. She’s had a consistent output of show-stopping singles over the last two years, dazzling fans with her charisma, nimble rhymes, and captivating melodies. Wexler also engages her audience with freestyles, behind the scenes content, and stunning visuals on platforms like Twitter, Youtube and TikTok. Serving as a compilation, her debut EP is a culmination of all of her singles dating back to 2021. It’s an adventurous ride full of twists and turns that shows Wexler’s range as a multidimensional artist and human.

The first song, “Oyster,” begins with the comforting sounds of road noise before quickly hitting listeners with a boisterous sonic canvas. Wexler moves in the fast lane, quickly weaving through past memories and experiences going back to childhood. Next is “Cherry Fields Forever,” her most streamed song to date. It’s a hypnotic, club-worthy record full of steamy wordplay and an earworm of a chorus. “I like to get down, down, down, down!” she refrains over the uptempo production. Wexler’s smooth delivery and slick punchlines make for a memorable track. “I’ll wear you out like you’re in fashion,” she raps confidently. “Bronzefish” remains just as unflinching. Wexler makes her presence felt with powerful boasts in rapid succession, staking her claim while having fun in the moment.

Wexler moves at the same pace with “Bouillon” before taking a quick detour with “Sweetheart,” a stripped back ballad about fading love. She walks listeners through a fracturing relationship, reflecting on everything from burdensome family dynamics to troubling facades and hurtful exchanges. There are moments where Wexler desires what her and her partner once had. “You used to give me fever,” she sings endearingly. “You still give me fever.”

The next song, “Pink Noise,” feels like a fever dream with its ominous horns and pitched down vocal samples. Wexler explores feelings of disillusionment and paranoia that come from existing in a crumbling society that chugs along as if nothing is wrong. “History repeats, it’s like a broken 8-track/Every time we try, we fail to wind the tape back,” she raps pointedly. 

The penultimate track, “Beatitudes,” is a woozy, contemplative banger that sees Wexler reflecting on the ways she’s had to evolve over time. While they were “wishing on stars and wishing wells,” she needed to “learn how to get it for myself.” She later recalls that, “The gleam of pipe dreams kept me warm when I was lonely.” She ends on “Princess Diana,” a dreary soundscape with pulsing guitar riffs and glittering pops that keep light at the end of the tunnel. Wexler touches on traumatic experiences that made her stronger but also left a damaging mark on her psyche. “The kind of bruises you hide from the mirror/ Those kinds of bruises make chaos feel tender,” she says soberly. Tender moments abound on her debut EP.

Stream “I Promise” below:


Morgan Gold shares immersive release “2 Q U E E N S (Live From The Hummingbyrd Sessions)”

By Jacob Ezra

Rising Chicago artist Morgan Gold has shared an immersive release titled “2 Q U E E N S (Live From The Hummingbyrd Sessions)”. Gold, who first came onto our radar with the sublime HEALING EP last year, showcases her versatility with this new single, providing an enticing acoustic style, contrasting her other recent work. A smoky, atmospheric song that puts Gold’s evocatively heartfelt vocals at the forefront, “2 Q U E E N S” captivates with its sparse yet grandly beautiful sound. As dream-like guitars hover beneath, one can’t help but get drawn deeply into this song’s moody, warm ambiance. An offering that has us excited for another project from Gold, “2 Q U E E N S (Live From The Hummingbyrd Sessions)” focused songwriting and emotional resonance is hard to ignore.

Listen to “2 Q U E E N S (Live From The Hummingbyrd Sessions)” now: