Sven Andrew Is Pushing the Boundaries of What Music Can Do with Live Performances

The German Music Industry has a history of producing some of the hottest musical talents, and this trend is still going strong.

The Bavaria-based highly talented artist Sven Andrew is recently on our list of talented artists we have ever discovered.

He is an artist who is known for his energetic and crazy concerts. Recently, his live performance held at Nuremberg has caught a lot of eyes. His unusual setup of six screens displaying different visuals for the different songs was the best part one has ever come through. 

The industry is fascinated by Sven’s ability to successfully span various genre boundaries. He has proven to be highly skilled in the electro, pop, and indie rock genres, which he blends to create his unique sound.

During his most recent concert, which took place in Nuremberg at “Der Hirsch,” a location where Juju, 01099, and Money Boy gave multiple German concerts, Sven Andrew made a ridiculous effort.

Sven Andrew began working on projects independently at an early age, which is how he got to where he is now.

Sven has been working and producing music as an independent artist. He’s a multi-gifted music talent with mastery of all the industry’s dynamics. Sven does everything himself, from songwriting to production, video production, and marketing. He also takes charge of the business side of things, organizing and booking gigs for himself. He’s a rare talent in the industry, with no close match, and he’s bursting onto the music scene.

Sven Andrew has selected a musical strategy that is suited to his non-traditional and intuitive aesthetic. He is renowned for creating everlasting musical works that continue to comment on contemporary cultural events. Sven never hesitates to express himself via music. Each song is an actual opportunity for him to influence, innovate, and express himself. Additionally, music is a language that is understood across all barriers, so why not use his talents to make the world a better place?

Sven Andrew has an undeniable talent and yourself a favor and get familiar with this trailblazing talent.


King $ly Shares “Ideas” on Latest Single

By Trey Fox

King $ly continues to make waves in the independent music scene. Following his stellar debut EP in Moon Landing last year, he penned an excellent verse on South Carolina rapper Savvy Mcfly’s “2010 freestyle” back in March. Fans were also moved by his contributions on Jackson, MS rapper-producer Gios4ma’s re-released EP, “Heatwave Vol,” which dropped last month. The talented Chicago rapper returns with an ambitious new single.

$ly floats effortlessly on the bouncy, synth-heavy instrumental courtesy of Minneapolis producer Andre Mariette. With his motivational approach, he sheds light on his career aspirations. “I’ma aim for the top/ for the bread, for the loaf,” he raps with conviction. He’s on the hunt for more, refusing to remain stagnant regardless of his current success. $ly also discusses self-growth, reflecting on becoming a better communicator.

$ly is joined by New Jersey rapper Curt Summers. Summers’ skills are on display, weaving between different pockets on the beat. His verse oozes with confidence, declaring that he’s “literally different than the niggas y’all adopted.” However, Summers is on this path for more than just material wealth. He also strives to provide a meaningful message to listeners. As is the case with $ly, he’s committed to reaching new heights. These are certainly great ideas to mull over.

Stream “Ideas” below:


Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes join forces for new EP ‘Evil Twin’

Texas artist Fatboyshaun and New York’s Ricky Mapes have linked for a new collaborative EP called Evil Twin. Following up a prolific release schedule from both artists that included a series of hard-hitting and sharply-crafted singles and EPs, Evil Twin showcases their natural chemistry as they trade charismatic verses atop graceful, lush production from Cuffedgod, GRIMM Doza, and more.

The self-titled opener introduces the EP’s laid-back, elegant sound with glowing keys drifting atop dusty percussion and organic-sounding bass. Here, the two rappers go back and forth with fluid verses detailing vivid tales of hedonism, as the listener gets a tangible sense of the natural chemistry they possess on the mic. Next, smoky horns and subtle, spacey keys introduce the enigmatic “$5 Advil”. The intro transitions smoothly into a rich, infectious groove as the keys are brought to the forefront to provide an intriguing contrast with the gritty, pounding rhythm section. Here, Fatboyshaun and Mapes deliver engaging verses full of cleverly written lines that have the listener re-winding to catch everything.

“Doc Martine”, produced by Micro, is a personal favourite from the project, featuring a dreamlike instrumental bolstered by sweeping, nostalgic strings underscored by moody horns. Definitive of the dark and enigmatic sound present throughout the EP, the beat provides the perfect concoction for the rappers’ charming braggadocio, as they weave verses together effortlessly that complement each other’s styles. “Grimm Carey” changes up the sound with a glitchier instrumental from GRIMM Doza and Sogonesoflexy, bringing in grimy, off-kilter samples and a driving, powerful bass-line. Fatboyshaun and Mapes come through with vivid, imagery-rich verses that find them at a lyrical high point. Finally, the project closes with “Zoo York”, which utilizes airy, ethereal instrumentation to create a dreamlike backdrop for them to finish the EP on an introspective note.

The latest from Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes, Evil Twin finds them delivering a stellar lyrical performance with smooth, commanding flows atop laid-back, rich production from GRIMM Doza, Cuffedgod, and more. From the verses to the beat selection, this project is a testament to the true embodiment of the newly founded brotherhood, and showcases the two artists’ immense lyrical abilities and infectious sound.

Listen to Evil Twin now:


Young Negrensé shares ethereal EP ‘Aphelion’

By Todd Anderson

Canada’s Young Negrensé has shared a new EP called Aphelion. A multi-talented artist, he is a songwriter, producer, classical guitarist, visual artist, and co-founder of YUZZYNET. He first rose through a series of sharply-crafted self-produced offerings, building up to his latest offering Aphelion, executively produced by Tristan Renaud, which creates an immersive sci-fi world for listeners through ethereal, infectious sounds and focused songwriting.

Aphelion is a conceptual sci-fi project that delivers an alternative blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. It’s cinematic, synth-laden sound is engagingly genre-blending, and remains sleek and cohesive throughout. Opener “Euphoria” introduces the project’s intriguing, spacey sound with vital synth bass and driving percussion that creates a solid foundation for Negrensé’s catchy, vibrant melodies. His verses build dynamically before exploding into a cathartic and rich hook that captures the project’s space-age feel. This track transitions smoothly into “Highway to the Sun”, which introduces a retro-futuristic 80’s-influenced soundscape that features a dazzling array of synth sounds and addictive percussion.

“Hyperspace” introduces a more hip-hop influenced instrumental containing kaleidoscopic synth sounds, as he laces the track with evocative melodies. Then, a beat switch brings in a post-punk influenced drum line that takes the track to adrenaline-pumping levels of energy. Negrensé matches the beat nicely with powerful, hyper-charged melodies that draw the listener into the song’s psychedelic atmosphere. “Other Side of the Light” creates a contrast with a more expansive, lighter instrumental that draws from ambient and dance music, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Lastly, closer “Circe.exe” wraps the listener in an invitingly warmth as he finishes the EP on a high note vocally, delivering vivid, abstract lyrics with memorable, drifting melodies.

Aphelion is a conceptual release that touches upon a layered, complex storyline: “his first vision of the angel came to him in a dream. It began with him in the far reaches of outer space, alone, gently sinking through the empty void. Only the sparkling light of distant stars engraved the darkness. There was nothing of salvation for light-years.

Suddenly, like the birth of a star, the angel materialized from the cosmos. The vivacity of a supernova radiated from her chromatic-shined skin. Lengthy bleached white hair flowed above her divine statuesque figure. Space and time caved in her presence. He fixated upon her gleaming eyes. She held a stare so intense it was entrancing. A sensation of warmth and euphoria rushed over his flesh and into his soul. She spoke a single word which rippled through the darkness. That word was her name. “Circe.”

Negrensé 9000 awoke from his dream bewitched. He took a deep breath, then wiped his brow, which was coated in a thick sizzling sweat.

This was more than his typical post-canister-fuelled-bender fever dream. It was a message from the divine, which even in an awakened state, burned into his psyche. If one thing was clear to him, it was that he must find this space angel, no matter the distance or danger involved.”

The latest from Canada’s Young Negrensé, Aphelion pieces together vibrant, sparkling soundscapes that engagingly draw from hip-hop, pop, electronic, and more. Showcasing his diversity across a series of celestial, powerful tracks, Aphelion is a project that simply beckons many re-visits.

Listen to Aphelion now:


SPITDIAMONDS continues to cement their stance within the music industry

By Avinash Singh

In the music world, everyone is encouraged to participate and leave something behind. And now, we’ll discuss a really prominent yet aspiring artist that we’ve discovered as he takes over spotify by acquiring thousands of streams.

SPITDIAMONDS is the moniker that he goes by, and he has shown that age is not a barrier to learning new things; one can learn at any age. SPITDIAMONDS, who is just fourteen years old, started out in the music industry to establish his presence in the musical field.

At only nine, he began to create, and at sixteen he presented his first work. When we think about the upcoming artist, we notice that many of them engage in creative endeavors and take things seriously. We assume that the future is in excellent hands.

Additionally, SPITDIAMONDS began to draw a lot of attention and was recently invited to concerts Next Up event in Vegas, which was organized by the Grammys. He turned down offers for management and record agreements and is now completely independent. He constantly relied on his loved ones as his support system, which was sufficient for him to reach the pinnacle of achievement.

Our topic of Emphasis will be his brand-new song, “Bomaye!” SPITDIAMONDS wrote and performed the song “Time” & “Bomaye,” which was executive produced by himself. He perfectly captures my aspiration to have a quick and effective existence. His song could be a measure of speed, but it conveys more. The manner in which it was said and written demonstrates how unique it is from the others.

SPITDIAMONDS’s dedication to music has impressed us to an extent and we would recommend all the people to check out this talented individual.


Khadi Lee releases vibrant new visual for “FriendZone”

Cleveland, Ohio artist Khadi Lee has share a new visual for “FriendZone”, a standout cut from his recent EP Sneaky Link. Lee, who was raised in a musical household and grew up singing in choirs as well as competing in talent shows, has been on a hot streak recently with a series of engaging, vivid R&B releases.

His latest offering is “FriendZone”, a song off his well-received recent EP Sneaky Link, which contains breezy production centred around infectious synths, airy backing vocals, and grooving percussion. Atop the hazy instrumentation, Lee delivers smooth, soaring melodies that draw the listener deeply into this song’s balmy atmosphere. Vocally, his verses build through sharply-crafted verses packed with buttery melodies, before he launches into a catchy, uplifting chorus. Romantic and warm, “FriendZone” provides a perfect soundtrack for the coming summer months.

Topically, he provides relatable content about moving beyond the friendzone and into something more, something many listeners have experienced. Of the song, Lee says, “The friendzone topic is so common but rarely talked about. We all experience it but barely admit it? With this single I wanted to change that narrative.”

The accompanying visual, shot by Jake Johnston, enhances the song’s mellow ambiance with hazy, refreshing shots and a charismatic yet relaxed performance from Lee. Here, warm, glowing filters are used to appropriately capture the track’s silky sonics, making for a memorable and engaging cohesive whole package.

The latest from rising Cleveland R&B artist Khadi Lee, “FriendZone” and its new visual make for an apt soundtrack as the weather heats up for the summer months. An addictive, stylish offering that is easy to continuously re-visit, “FriendZone” showcases Khadi Lee’s deft abilities as a vocalist. This song appears on his recent EP Sneaky Link, a 6-song set of laid-back, sleek R&B cuts.

Watch the visual for “FriendZone” here:

Listen to Khadi Lee’s new EP Sneaky Link here:


N3FS shares energizing visual for “BOMF!”

By Todd Anderson

Stone Mountain, Georgia artist N3FS has shared a new visual for his song “BOMF!”. An intense track that is powerful and raw in sound, “BOMF!” captures the artist’s infectious energy and forward-thinking style. Here, driving, layered synths drift atop crisp, fast-paced percussion and deep 808s, creating a strong foundation for N3FS’ catchy melodies. He delivers a commanding performance, gripping the listener with his charismatic flow atop the cathartic and expansive production.

The accompanying visual, directed by Nick Medina, enhances the song’s off-the-wall energy through its usage of rapid shots, gritty filters, and surreal cuts. With a confident and engaging performance from N3FS throughout the video, “BOMF!” is a release that keeps the listener on their toes through its dynamic sound and adrenaline-fuelled visuals.

The latest from Georgia artist N3FS, “BOMF!” is a progressive offering that draws the listener in with its gripping and abrasive style. If you enjoyed this release, check out the remainder of N3FS’ new album Cardiac Arrest, available now.

Watch the video for “BOMF!” here:


Tristan shares refreshing debut EP ‘Nomad’

Atlanta-born, Los Angeles-based artist Tristan has now shared his debut EP Nomad. A refreshing set of 6 tracks showcasing his versatility and catchy songwriting, it’s difficult to listen through the project without it making a lasting impression. Singles “She”, “Bring You”, and “The City” led the roll out, setting the stage with their silvery, expansive sound, and now with the full-length project’s release we get to see what else the rising musician has in store for us.

The project opens with lead single “She”, an energizing track that remains light on its toes throughout with nimble guitar riffs and buoyant percussion. As rich bass drops in beneath, Tristan enters with sharply-crafted and infectious melodies that enhance the song’s enlivening feel. The track transitions smoothly into “Bring You”, which contains expansive, vital production centred around sweeping, atmospheric synths, ambient guitars, and airy backing vocals. As crisp percussion and addictive bass lock in beneath, the song builds dynamically in layers, eventually culminating in a cathartic outro that takes the track to new heights sonically.

“The City” provides an EP highlight, slowing down the pace with warm, reverberating guitars and brisk percussion as Tristan delivers smooth, focused melodies over top. Drawing influence from indie, alt-pop, and hip-hop, the track makes for an intriguing listen that showcases his versatility as a songwriter. “Reckless” brings back the spacious feel of the EP’s earlier tracks with watery keys drifting in a dream-like fashion atop surreal synths, before raw guitars and heavy guitars up the intensity, making for an exciting, adrenaline-fuelled ending to the song.

The EP closes with the emotive, reflective “Tide”, which provides ample breathing room before the powerful, sparkling electronic-infused cut “Tape” provides a crescendo in energy. Ethereal, arpeggiated synths meld smoothly with deep bass and abstract percussion to create a kaleidoscopic backdrop for Tristan’s vibrant and poignant lyricism. Containing evocative, descriptive imagery, his lyrics on “Tape” immerse the listener in the song’s otherworldly feel, closing the project out in a sweeping, graceful manner.

The latest from Los Angeles-based artist Tristan, Nomad engagingly blends influences from alt-pop, rock, alternative R&B, and more, and has us intrigued as to what could come next from him. The set of 6 tracks takes the listener on a journey through soundscapes of light and dark, laced with silvery, atmospheric sonics that give the project a layered feel, helping to make Nomad a project that beckons numerous re-visits to catch each detail.

Listen to Nomad here:


Brett drops breezy new single, “Pricey”

By Trey Fox

The Los Angeles, CA-based artist releases his smooth new single just in time for the summer. Brett rides the wave of the laid-back instrumental perfectly, sitting comfortably between rap and R&B stylings. Resulting from this a contemporary sound and a melodic approach. With a cool demeanor and flow, he confidently courts his woman of interest. “She won’t get nobody like me,” he promises without hesitation. Brett is prepared to match her lavish lifestyle, assuring her that she can “get it all because you know I can afford to.” However, he makes it clear that he’s not looking for commitment.

The record is bound to excite audiences and build anticipation for his forthcoming album, Eternal, dropping in August.

Listen now:


Madhouse shares energizing single “WTF”

Madhouse has shared a new release called “WTF.” This genre-blending track follows up an engaging series of singles including “Breathe” and “happiness.”, and provides an exciting, eclectic sound that gets the heart racing. Atop brisk instrumentation centred around grooving, infectious bass, energizing drums, Madhouse delivers sharply-crafted and addictive melodies that neatly fuse indie, alt-pop, and more. A versatile and vibrant offering, “WTF” has us anticipating a longer project from Madhouse hopefully sometime soon in the future, as it provides heavy replay value and a warm mood for the summertime.

Listen to “WTF” now: