Jan Metternich shares engaging new single “i’m alright”

By Todd Anderson

German artist Jan Metternich has returned with a fresh new single called “i’m alright”. The latest from the prolific musician, “i’m alright” follows up a series of engaging songs that have gained much momentum across streaming platforms, raking in streams in the multi-millions and earning him a large fanbase in the process. His latest release is as sharply-crafted and infectious as ever, containing stylish, catchy production and memorable melodies from Metternich that imprint themselves in the listener’s memory.

“i’m alright” contains bright, wistful guitars and expansive, airy vocal samples drifting atop crisp percussion and immersive 808s. Atop the engaging production, Metternich delivers focused, sharply written melodies in an emotive tone. Atmospheric in sound, “i’m alright” contains layered instrumentation and catchy vocals that draw the listener in immediately.

Listen to “i’m alright” now and familiarize yourself with Jan Metternich:


Occ Taee continues streak with “I H8TE HOES”

Occ Taee has returned to our pages with a fresh new single called “I H8TE HOES”, which follows up his well received prior song “Whats His Name”, released just 3 weeks ago.

Based in Indianapolis, Taee has been an artist on the rise, catching the attention of major labels with his tenacious authority and rising social media presence. 

Shimmering harp strings and engaging trap drums create an immersive, hard-hitting backdrop for Taee’s commanding, powerful flows on “I H8TE HOES”. This track continues to remind fans of his grit, hard work, and attention to detail. It’s a track that expresses his feelings to never trust anyone, sharing his past experiences and reminding his listeners to stay on their toes.

With “I H8TE HOES”, engineered by Tyler Weaver, Occ Taee proves once again that he’s here to stay. With his streak of consistent music drops, Occ Taee will make his name is not forgotten.

Listen to “I H8TE HOES” now:

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AVX shares his ‘Highs & Lows’ on new album

Bayonne, New Jersey artist AVX has shared a fresh new album called Highs & Lows. An infectious set of 8 tracks that showcases his sharp songwriting abilities and engaging sound that splits the line between hip-hop and R&B, Highs & Lows provides track after track of vibrant, highly re-playable offerings.

The project opens with “Manifest”, which captures AVX’s signature sound with its sleek blend of melodious lines and rap-leaning vocals. Underscored by an emotive, optimistic instrumental that enhances the song’s message of hope and hard work, “Manifest” starts the project on a strong foot. “Advance”, featuring Heff, brings in a guitar-laden soundscape containing bouncy, pillowy 808s and crisp percussion. Atop the rich soundscape, AVX delivers a catchy, memorable vocal performance full of electrifying flows. “DEMONS” contains airy, nocturnal vocal samples and watery keys that make for a production highlight, as crisp drums lock in a solid foundation for AVX’s dynamic vocal performance. The album closes with the powerful “DEEP END”, which provides a crystal clear picture of AVX’s trials and tribulations, drawing the listener into the artist’s inner world and finishing the project on a high note.

Listen to Highs & Lows now and familiarize yourself with the rising NJ artist:

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Jah Billz delivers infectious single, “Love Anthem”

Bronx artist Jah Billz has shared a new single called “Love Anthem”. Billz is a very versatile artist who has come from a long line of musicians, with his father being a DJ and his grandfather a prominent reggae musician in Antigua. Billz got his start rapping as a part of a group with his cousins, before embarking on a solo career that became very fruitful. His latest single “Love Anthem” follows up a series of engaging recent releases, providing a bouncy, infectious sound that hooks the listener in immediately.

“Love Anthem” retains a classic New York feel while also keeping its sound refreshing throughout, with airy, soulful samples containing ethereal vocals and sparkling keys drifting atop a strong, grooving rhythm section. Atop the vibrant production, Billz delivers crisp, commanding verses packed with emotion throughout.

The latest from New York artist Jah Billz, “Love Anthem” makes for a catchy, rich track that is smooth and stylish.

Listen to “Love Anthem” now:

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Villiami drops debut project “Summer Time 2009”

By Damilola Grey

California native, Villiami has finally graced his fans with his debut project titled “Summer Time 2009” and his hunger is evident on this project.

The 9-track tape sees Villiami take a more personal route by sharing personal experiences on this album. Most of Villiami’s music is based off his surroundings and upbringing, and this is another amazing example of such. Villiami is able to perfectly execute his emotions and creative approach on 9 tracks which are graced by features by Young OC, Tyler Conan, Dinero Soprano as well as others. Villiami showcases his versatility on various tracks such as on personal favorite “Domino”, where Villiami comes with a braggadocious and catchy flow on an up-tempo beat or on “29” where Villiami approaches the single with a more sober flow. Villiami shows that he’s not to be played with. Villiami said that he made this project to help new listeners understand him as a person and to help his current listeners know more about him also.

Villiami’s ability to channel his personal experiences to 9 tracks of perfection is something that few have mastered and many are trying to master and if his debut is this amazing, one can only wonder: what exactly is his limit?

Stream Summer Time 2009 HERE.


An Interview with THREEZERO

Dami: What was your first introduction to music?

THREEZERO: My dad playing guitar. It’s been kind of a beautiful journey. He’s self-taught, much like I am in some of my producing capabilities. We’ve both grown so much in our music in parallel the last 6 or so years. I would definitely say he’s the reason I ever picked up an instrument.

Dami: Is your dad also an artist?

THREEZERO: He is. For a long time, he’s just played songs that he knew and more recently, he’s started writing. I want to hopefully help him put out some music one day. He’s way better than me.

Dami: Apart from your dad, who else inspired you to start making music?

THREEZERO: Miss Paisley, my music teacher when I was around 10 or 11 helped me record my first song (it’s somewhere out there on the web) and is probably the reason I picked up my first instrument-violin. I think the first album I heard that made me want to write music and produce is Madvillainy. I got big into DOOM when I was in high school and around that time, my friends and I formed a group. One of them, Liam McGhie, is still my engineer and one of my best friends in life.

Dami: When making music, where do you grab inspiration from?

THREEZERO: I’ve been leaning on my peers for inspiration a lot more lately. My new favorite song that I’m working on was directly inspired by a straight hour of Liam and I just talking and then he pulled out an acoustic and we wrote most of the song in 30 minutes. I think that’s what I love about being back in Chicago now; my music had become such an individual process (at least starting new ideas) and these last few months, that’s totally flipped.

Dami: Can you tell us more about your new single, “The Middle”?

THREEZERO: “The Middle” is about acceptance, but recognizing that just because you accept something doesn’t mean you’ve made peace with it or fully come to terms with it. These last 3 singles have all been me sort of timestamping moments in a grieving process and how nonlinear that journey was and is. Also, this is my favorite instrumental I’ve ever made.

Dami: Are you grieving anything at the moment?

THREEZERO: Probably the sense of community that starts to dissolve a bit the older you get. It doesn’t quite help that my arrival into full adulthood coincided with the pandemic haha. Everyone gets busier in their own lanes and no matter how comfortable you are with yourself and being alone, that takes a toll and an adjustment.

Dami: What’s next for you after The Middle?

THREEZERO: First and foremost is a break this week from creating to eating stuffing and pumpkin pie. I’m doing something special with these 3 singles top of next year that I’m going to keep a bit of secret for now. Then I have some new releases lined up and some other music I’m working on that I hope starts to take shape by end of next year. It’s gonna be a fun 2023, I think. I want to do some shows too. Book the boy!

Dami: When making The Middle, what did you want listeners to take away from it?

THREEZERO: That’s a tough one. Maybe that no feeling is permanent and there is no wholly good or bad luck. You will experience a variety of losses in this life and you will fully expect it to kill you and when it doesn’t, that’s when you really start to know what it feels like to be alive.

Dami: What’s your creative process like?

THREEZERO: A lot of the time, it just starts with practice. Some scales on the piano, my exercises on bass, something of the sort. It’s like stretching before a run. If I’m inspired, I might start writing a melody. If not, I might start with some drums. The lyrical process is different every time. I might write the song in the same session- within 20 minutes the way I did with The Middle. I might make a beat, have some ideas to record, and not finish the song for months. I might not have a single thing come tome for months until some life shit happens and it all flows out; that’s what happened with Sweet Tooth.

Dami: How would you describe your sound?

THREEZERO: I’ve been going around using something a really awesome musical peer, Francesca Wexler, said about my music- “haunting but relaxing”. I think I’ve been using my music as a way to meditate over the harsher realities of life as they come at me and find a way to beautify the discomfort essentially. 

Dami: What influenced this “haunting but relaxing” sound?

THREEZERO: As of more recently, my obsession with The Sopranos; the most violent yet equally hilarious show in the world.

Dami: Any dream collabs?

THREEZERO: James Blake above all. By far my biggest inspiration. I get a lot of production ideas from him. As a Chicagoan, I think SONNY is probably the best artist coming out of this city. I’ve wanted to work with him for a very long time, and this year I got really into an artist from Houston named Hamond. His album Pirate Radio is top 5 this year for me. Those are all over the place, but I like to think I have the ability to jump around all kinds of styles.

Dami: What’s been your most memorable moment as an artist?

THREEZERO: It genuinely might have been 2 days ago getting featured on Homer Radio haha. Frank Ocean is one of my favorite artists ever and any close proximity to the things he’s doing for music means the world. Plus, its already generated more people hearing my music for the first time than I’ve ever had before.

Dami: Even though the year is almost over, is there anything else you’re still tryna accomplish before the end?

THREEZERO: Honestly this last month is pretty critical to me for my releases next year. Trying to get mixing, promo, and visuals in order. I had a lot of fun shooting the music video for The Middle. I want to do more big productions like that. Shoutout Dylan(@good.dylan), the director. Dude’s a genius.

Dami: How do you manage balancing writing for a blog and making music?

THREEZERO: That’s a great question because I wonder myself. First and foremost, shoutout Kane and Dusty Organ. To be very real while I’ve been releasing music, I haven’t been writing for him as much and I’ve appreciated his patience a lot. He helped me a ton with these releases and the rollout actually. But honestly, I think they feed into each other. Writing for a blog has given the ability to articulate more about what I love in music and then that ends up manifesting in my own music.

Listen to THREEZERO’s music HERE.


Divert share atmospheric single, “cabin fever”

Rising New England music collective Divert have shared a fresh new single called “cabin fever”, featuring Dagen. Following up their recent well-received releases “truth be told” and “feeling you out”, “cabin fever”‘s atmospheric production and addictive vocals give it much replay value, while the song simultaneously refuses to boxed into one genre or style- presenting a versatile offering in the process.

“cabin fever” contains atmospheric, layered synths and rich, catchy bass, before punchy percussion drops in to lock in the track’s infectious rhythm. Atop the airy instrumentation, the song’s silky, versatile vocals blend together flexible melodies with ease, giving the song an energizing, vibrant feel.

The latest from Divert, “cabin fever” continues their run of engaging, genre-blending singles and it has us excited for what may be coming next from them.

Listen to “cabin fever” here:


Ki Storii links with Cheek The Profit for infectious banger, “Shawty Lo”

Bronx musician Ki Storii has dropped off a new single titled “Shawty Lo”, featuring fellow Renaissance Music artist Cheek The Profit. Following up her recent fan-favorite singles “What You Need” and “Whole ‘Nother Level”, “Shawty Lo” continues her streak of infectious, energizing bangers- making for a new hot-girl anthem that captivates immediately with its electric, catchy sonics and bars that are equal parts sharply-crafted and seductive.

“Shawty Lo” begins with a bold, confident keyboard riff before pillowy, immersive 808s and crisp percussion lock in a powerful rhythm. Underscoring Ki and Cheek’s sleek vocals, the production is colorful and engaging, and could be best described as “ear candy”. Matching the lively feel of the instrumentation, Ki and Cheek showcase a natural chemistry as they go full throttle with memorable vocal performances, demonstrating superb command of the mic.

“Shawty Lo” is a hit-worthy release that captures Ki Storii’s energizing, confident sound- making for another solid release from the rising Renaissance Music artist.

Listen to “Shawty Lo” here:

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Dzh continues 2022 takeover with hard-hitting bop “Dishes”

By Damilola Grey

Fans of Dzh have been treated to an array of amazing drops this year. From his 2022 project Dante’s Inferno, to the previously released single with Ricky Walters, titled “Issues”, there has been nothing but fire drops from Dzh. The New Jersey native continues this streak with his latest single “Dishes”, which also features Florida native, SweetXO.

“Dishes” sees Dzh putting a twist on a drill track. Unlike the regular fast-paced vibe of drill, Dzh takes a slower approach. “Dishes” started out as a joke apparently. Melo, a friend of Dzh, kept “listen, I’m in tha kitchen, doing tha dishes, not with a smitheen” and Dzh decided to have some fun with it especially because he had a drill beat he was holding on for a while. Unsurprisingly, Dzh shouts out Melo at the beginning of the single. Dzh’s catchy verse sees the MC attack the beat with an aggressive, braggadocious flow. SweetXO didn’t hold anything back either as both artists dropped some of the hardest bars of the year. Not surprising since both artists dropped some of the best projects to grace this year. The single was produced by ayeyoungjordan.

Dzh has shown us time and time again why his pen game is not to be played with and “Dishes” not only emphasizes that point, but gives us more insight to his versatility.

Stream “Dishes” right now HERE.


Sky’s the Limit drops debut single “Changes”

By Damilola Grey

Florida native, Sky’s the Limit has finally dropped his long-awaited single, “Changes”. This is also his first release on all streaming platforms, and it features Tony Givan as well.

“Changes” sees Sky paint a picture of a failing relationship. On the 3-minute track, he tells his partner that changes need to be made for their relationship to be able to work out and progress. The track features a neo-soul, R&B vibe and ethereal vocals from Tony Givan that add more to the feeling. Both artists bring forth melancholic melodies to help further paint the picture.

The struggles of a failing relationship is something lots of people have experienced in their lives and Sky’s the Limit and Tony Givan come together to provide listeners some form of comfort- a shoulder to cry on in a sense. A catchy flow, amazing production, as well as the smooth vocals make this a track worth remembering.

“Changes” is a really solid debut from the Florida native and we can’t wait to see what bigger steps he takes in the near future.

Stream “Changes” on all platforms HERE.