Hatter shares potent new release, “Careful” (prod. Saffa Ghorishi) [Video]

Brighton artist Hatter has shared a a new visual for his single, “Careful”, produced by Saffa Ghorishi. A trailblazer in Brighton’s hip-hop scene, and always testing the limits as to what he can create within the rap domain- Hatter is a potent lyricist and experimental producer whose charismatic energy lights up when taking to the stage. London-born and Brighton-based, Hatter’s play on words, memorable hooks, and versatile production make him an artist paving his own lane. His latest release, “Careful”, continues his run with sharp flows, clever lyricism, and an infectious soundscape provided by long-time collaborator Saffa Ghorishi, accompanied by a strong new visual that is cinematic in tone and engaging in style.

“Careful”’s rhythmic, rich production creates a solid groove for Hatter’s confident yet laid-back rhymes, as he shines on the mic with a strong presence and carefully crafted verses. Backed by Ghorishi’s shimmering production, he sounds natural and in his lane, as he effortlessly handles the beat with an unassuming dominance. The new visual, directed by Mr. Cheal, takes it a step further with cinematic shots, focused editing, and engaging classic movie references to boot. “Careful” is an all-out affair of witty rhymes, memorable production, and poignant visuals that make it another strong outing from this Brighton mainstay.

Give the visual for “Careful” a watch here and be sure to connect with Hatter while you’re at it.

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