NADUH share infectious single “LEGACY”

Vancouver’s NADUH have come through with a new single called “LEGACY”. Filling in the industry thigh-gap, 5 piece femme powered hip-hop and R&B group, NADUH, write, engineer, and produce all of their music- meaning they have crafted a sound that’s truly representative of their collective energy. Spreading unity consciousness through R&B-infused beats that hit every chakra, laced with buttery-smooth vocals and HERstorical lyrics. Their latest release, “LEGACY” makes this truly evident with its powerful energy and sharply-crafted songwriting that sleekly blends hip-hop and R&B elements into a cohesive, sleek offering.

“LEGACY” contains raw yet vivid synths that build in layers to make for a soundscape that is simultaneously graceful and hard-hitting. As crisp percussion and rich bass lock in an infectious groove beneath, the group’s versatile vocals provide a highlight with their refreshing, catchy combination of hip-hop and R&B elements. Dynamic and exciting, the track immerses the listener in its sweltering, energizing feel while hitting them with line after line of memorable, sharply-crafted melodies and bars.

NADUH introduces the “New Era” of girl-groups: true friends who are the sole visionaries and manifestors of their music, narrative, and image. Their music holds strong messages of reclamation, empowerment, queerness, sexuality, and spirituality, mixed in with “that bitch” energy, aiming to help their audience access higher realms of consciousness while entertaining their urge to twerk. Their latest, “LEGACY” finds them continuing their hot-streak of hip-hop and R&B-infused joints with one that makes a lasting impression with its eclectic blend of genres, sleek production, and strong songwriting. Give it a listen below and connect with Vancouver’s NADUH for more.

Connect with NADUH: Website | Spotify | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Facebook

Photo: Beau Bonez & Jocasta Clarke

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