Labels, It’s Time To Put The Bag Behind Kendog917

I’ve been a fan of Kendog917 for a few years now. Every year he never fails to impress me, and shows huge signs of growth with every release. This week, the Broward County native drops off a new EP titled Drill Beats & Melodies which is only 4 tracks long but I had the whole thing on repeat all weekend. Since it’s titled Drill Beats & Melodies, I’m guessing you can put two and two together, he merges drill production with his bouncy melodic flow and talks about troubled relationships and doing whatever it takes to get to the bag, the style is very unique compared to everything else in Florida right now which is why I’m so confident he’ll stand out in the crowd.

If you’re with a record label reading this, Kendog917 has everything you might be looking for in an artist. Originality, talent, and an unstoppable drive to make sure his work is top quality with no expenses spared. So please, check out his discography and social media to see what all the hype is about, and when you sign him just make sure you DM me “thank you”. Hahaha, check out Drill Beats & Melodies below, I’ll also attach the music video for the first song on the project titled “Again”. Thanks for reading!

Stream “Drill Beats & Melodies” Here:

Watch “Again” Here:

Follow Kendog917:

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