DJ Cheeseburger teams up with Chefboy on “Me Too”

DJ Cheeseburger and ChefBoy just dropped a new banger to cap the summer off titled “Me Too”. If you’re like me and living in Canada, you’ll know that there are only a few weeks left before the club season starts to slow down, but leading up to then, venues are packed with folks trying to get lit one last time. “Me Too” is the perfect track to get the crowd hoppin’, and the liquor flowing all night. So if you’re a DJ reading this, I highly recommend adding this track to your rotation, you won’t regret it. Stream “Me Too” below, to find out what all the hype is about surrounding DJ Cheeseburger and Chefboy.

Stream “Me Too” Here:



Chef Sean Is Going Viral With New Video “Runaway”

Hollywood, CA – Hip Hop recording artist Chef Sean recently wrapped production on a highly anticipated music video for his hit track, “Runaway.” The video includes high-end visuals to bring to life electrifying high-energy that is sure to keep fans attentive from start to finish. This follows the recent buzz of the track “Runaway” which just made its debut on Sirius XM. “Runaway” is featured on his recent album release, “My Life”. 

Chef Sean is recognized as a solid hip hop recording artist with his skills on the mic and smooth writing backing his hit records. Chef Sean recently performed on Juicy J’s sold-out show over the summer of 2022. The industry buzz on his new release “Runaway” is one of the solid tracks that follows the successful release of his album, ”My Life”. There are many hit tracks on the “My Life” album, including “Flex Off” and “Oh My God”. Chef Sean also made his national debut in the entertainment industry as a lead actor in the hit film, “Jason’s Lyric”, starring alongside box office stars including Forest Whitaker and Jada Pinkett. He also starred in the Horror Film “Teeth & Blood” as well as acting in multiple television shows.

“Runaway” is Chef Sean’s new radio hit featuring Ben Official and Bz Bwai. The record is streaming on all digital outlets, and is distributed by RobStar Music / Empire. The announcement for the release date for the music video will be made soon.Connect with Chef Sean on Social Media here: 

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Meet BhramaBull: “Evolution 3” Out Now

[Via @bhramabull on Instagram]

Each year since 2020, BhramaBull has released a volume of his popular-growing “Evolution” album series. The A&R and owner of ‘Gryndfest Music Group’, looks to highlight the best and most buzzing indie / underground artists with every edition.

The first (2020) featured nine-tracks, with the likes of SkoHee, Lil Xelly, Tiing, Mischif and more, contributing their talents to the project. “Evolution 2” arrived the next year on September 17, 2021 — this time with one song less (8), featuring guest appearances from J-Haze, Chris Crack, Raz Fresco and many other talents.

Keeping his tradition going, today he delivers “Evolution 3,” and exclusively premieres the much-anticipated LP with UGHHBLOG. In celebration of releasing his third volume, Bhrama decided to step it up for the special occasion — and called for some major names. The biggest highlight is Rome Streetz on “Exit Plan,” a power-house lyricist who recently signed with Griselda Records. That alone can tell you the type of pen Rome has — as he has to keep-up and impress emcees like Benny, Conway and Westside Gunn. Other heavy-hitters include Def Soulja (“King Me”) from the Bronx, New York and 100GrandRoyce (“Rob Him Blind”) from a few towns over in Harlem.

Both Bub Styles and J-Haze return for their respective guest stops-carrying over from its predecessor — Bubs with track #2 (Shining), and J-Haze having two appearances, a solo track “Problems”, and “Lost At Sea” alongside Degree.

Other quick-favorites are “Pockets” by Honda Carter from Canada, and “Paper Route” by H Eighty Eight, a rapper / producer and engineer from Nashua, NH. All in all, “Evolution 3” is another solid showing of up-and-coming talent, curated by BhramaBull. ‘Check E Out’ also contributed as an A&R for the project.

The project was recorded at Ultrium Studios and Neighborhood Watche Studios in Los Angeles, California. It was then mixed and mastered by engineer Steve Glaze at Tone Freq Studio in San Jose. Artwork by DinnerLand C/O / ShakeVideo.

Stream “Evolution 3” in full below and or/ on your DSP of choice here:

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Meet Upcoming New Zealand Rapper Nauti

Nauti is an upcoming rapper out of New Zealand who is taking strides to become one of the greats. His music is refreshing compared to everything else coming out at the moment, and gave me that nostalgic feeling of when I first got into rap music. Real bars, with real meaning. He just released a brand new EP titled “Road to a Brick” which was produced by Josh Blair, Roland Jones, Spyde who all contributed to various tracks on the project. From top to bottom this EP requires no skips, with each track flowing to the next with ease.

If you’re sick and tired of the clout rap and the rage wave that’s going on right now, “Road to a Brick” is the project to make you a fan of rap again hahaha. Cheers!

Stream “Road to a Brick” Here:

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“Side With Your Friends” is the latest hit from Long Island artist Vxnny

Following in the footsteps of Blink 182, Sum 41, and countless other 2000’s era bands, Vxnny is the epitome of what it means to be punk rock. His raw laid back image and distinct sound will immediately draw your attention, and I personally guarantee you will be a fan.

His latest single “Side With Your Friends” is just another example as to why he might be the next big superstar coming out of Long Island, New York. He merges that nostalgic 2000’s punk rock sound with a new age delivery and vibe, that’s unlike anything else coming out at the moment.

Vxnny is only 23-years-old and his potential is limitless. His consistency, talent and his image are everything labels look for, so if you’re an A&R this is your guy. Stream “Side With Your Friends” below to see what i’m talking about!

Watch “Side With Your Friends” Here:

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Florida Rapper Kendog917 Is Up Next!

Kendog917 is on a hot-streak right now following the release of his brand new single “Saditti”. The music he is dropping right now is unlike anything else coming out of Broward County, and shows that he’s not afraid to be unique during a time where everyone is regurgitating flows. If you’re an A&R looking for new talent, I think I found the next guy!

“Saditti” is a drill-based composition, and features Dreko Bandz on the chorus. The two flow effortlessly together, and balance the song out perfectly. Watch “Saditti” below, and let us know what you think!

Watch “Saditti” by Kendog917 & Dreko Bandz Here:

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Dave Amigo Is “Poppin” In New Music Video

I promise you haven’t seen energy like this since the 2016 Soundcloud era. Dave Amigo is bringing something entirely new and exciting to the music scene with his high energy, raw talent and his undeniable work ethic. His latest music video for “Poppin” displays all of these traits perfectly. The video from Jamez LaFlame reminds me of the “Flossing” music video by 6 Dogs which premiered on Astari over 5 years ago, and is enhanced by Dave’s unique sound and delivery. Without a doubt, Dave is one of the most exciting artists coming out of Philly at the moment and i’m excited to see what the future brings for him. For now, check out “Poppin” below, and let us know what you think!

Watch “Poppin” Here:

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Toledo Artist SMYNBIGGS Drops New Summer Anthem “LALA”

I gotta put y’all onto this new artist I found this week coming out of Toledo, Ohio that goes by SMYNBIGGS. BIGGS just released a brand new single with a music video that was directed by WellSpokenImaging. The song is called “LALA” and merges indie rock production with SMYNBIGGS’ laid back flow and delivery, similar to the works of Tyler The Creator in my opinion.

“LALA” has gained the attention of music fans across the world, and is gaining more and more momentum each day as the blog community is slowly picking it up. I highly recommend checking this track out, and you should definitely add this to your summer playlist. Cheers!

Watch “LALA” Here:



Michigan Rapper Yung Sol Drops New Video “Solly J”

Fresh off the release of his debut album Solly’s World, rapper Yung Sol delivers brand new visuals for his track “Solly J”. The video was directed by @ycmxrrow, and features the Michigan artist posted up in the city while detailing his rise to success. Sol’s music style can be described as trap, but his clever bars and delivery will make a fan out of anyone.

Solly’s World has taken over the internet by storm since the day it was released and it is gaining more and more momentum each day. Sol’s talent is undeniable, and you’ll be a fan of the project the moment you stream it. I’ll add the album link and the music video below, so go check those out and let us know what you think!

Stream Solly’s World Here:

Watch Yung Sol – “Solly J” (Official Music Video) Here:

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