From Hard-Hitting to Heart-Melting: JO$H LEE’s “Slide Up To The Moon” Single Review

JO$H LEE, the rising artist from Palm Beach, Florida, has just dropped his latest single “Slide Up To The Moon,” and it’s a game-changer. The single marks a significant departure from his usual sound, which he’s been known for over the last few years. This new track is a slowed-down, R&B-infused love song that showcases a softer side of the artist.

“Slide Up To The Moon” is a love letter to anyone who’s ever been in love. The song is a testament to the power of love and how it can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. The mellow instrumentation and JO$H’s smooth vocals create a dreamy atmosphere that’s perfect for a romantic evening. The lyrics speak of taking a chance on love, and how it can change your life for the better.

For JO$H LEE, this new single is a big step in a different direction. He’s been known for his hard-hitting beats and intense performances, but with “Slide Up To The Moon,” he’s proving that he’s not limited to a single sound. He’s versatile and can experiment with different styles, which is a great sign for his future in music.

JO$H LEE’s new single is not only a great love song but also a statement of the artist’s growth. He’s not afraid to take risks and try something new, and that’s what makes him stand out in the ever-changing music industry. “Slide Up To The Moon” is a must-listen for anyone who loves R&B and wants to discover new music. It’s a beautiful, soulful ballad that’s sure to touch your heart.

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Chef Sean’s “Too Late”: A Track That Strikes Fear into the Hearts of Opponents and Shines a Light on His Talent and Ambition

“Too Late,” the latest single from rapper Chef Sean, is a track that is sure to make waves in the hip-hop world. Featuring Macc Tucca, this dark, trap-infused banger is all about being a feared opponent in any realm of life.

Over a beat that is both menacing and infectious, Chef Sean lets his enemies know that nobody is safe. His flow is tight, and his lyrics are sharp, making for a track that is both hard-hitting and thought-provoking. Macc Tucca, meanwhile, adds his own brand of intensity to the mix, delivering a verse that is smooth yet aggressive.

“Too Late” is a track that is full of energy and attitude. It’s a celebration of fearlessness and determination, and it’s clear that Chef Sean is a rapper who is not afraid to speak his mind. His talent, drive, and ambition are on full display, and it’s clear that he is a force to be reckoned with.

If you’re a fan of hard-hitting beats and thought-provoking lyrics, then “Too Late” is a track that you won’t want to miss. Make sure to check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

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Flyboi Rell and Woodah’s “Luck” Takes Brooklyn Hip-Hop Scene by Storm

Flyboi Rell and Woodah are two rising stars in the Brooklyn hip-hop scene. As members of the group n0mads, they have been making waves with their unique blend of hard-hitting beats and thought-provoking lyrics. Their new single, “Luck,” is a testament to their talent and ambition, with a message that speaks to anyone looking to level up in life.

“Luck” is a high-energy track that showcases the flow and charisma of both Rell and Woodah. The beat is infectious, with a driving bass line and hard-hitting drums that will get any listener moving. The lyrics, meanwhile, speak to the theme of pushing oneself to the next level, no matter what obstacles may stand in the way.

Rell and Woodah trade verses, each bringing their own unique style to the table. Rell’s assertive delivery and clever wordplay are a standout, while Woodah’s smooth flow and undeniable swagger make for a perfect complement. Together, they deliver a powerful message of self-improvement and determination.

In an era where too many rappers are content to spit cliches and empty platitudes, Flyboi Rell and Woodah stand out with their substance and depth. “Luck” is a song that will resonate with anyone looking to make their mark on the world, and it’s clear that these two Brooklyn natives are on the verge of doing just that.

With “Luck,” Flyboi Rell and Woodah have solidified their place in the pantheon of great hip-hop artists. Their energy, talent, and drive make them a force to be reckoned with, and it’s only a matter of time before they are household names. Keep an eye on these two – they’re going places.

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Greg Max’s ‘Everyone’s a Jimi’: An Exploration of Perseverance, Nostalgia, and Self-Discovery in Alternative Hip-Hop

Greg Max’s new album “Everyone’s a Jimi” is a thrilling addition to the Pheonix, AZ hip-hop scene. The project showcases Max’s roots in Eastern North Carolina and delves into a range of personal and universal themes.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Runners High” which speaks to the importance of pursuing one’s passions with determination and perseverance. Max’s lyrics are raw and honest, capturing the struggles and triumphs of the journey towards happiness. The track is propelled by a catchy beat and features Max’s signature smooth flow, making it a surefire hit for fans of the genre.

In addition to the themes of perseverance and nostalgia, “Everyone’s a Jimi” also touches on the complexities of relationships and self-discovery. The album’s intro track, “The Recipe” explores the idea that everyone has the potential to be a genius in their own way. The track encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and to not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Overall, “Everyone’s a Jimi” is a highly-recommended listen for fans of alternative hip-hop. Max’s lyrics are relatable and thought-provoking, and the production on the tracks is above industry standard quality. This album is a testament to Max’s growth as an artist and is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

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Hoody Hawi’s “Artificial Ignorance”: A Groundbreaking Project in the Underground Rap Scene

Hoody Hawi’s latest project, “Artificial Ignorance,” is a seven-song masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of the underground rap scene. Throughout the project, Hoody details his endless pursuit to succeed in life and in his music career.

One of the standout tracks on the project is “11:11 CoCo Bistro Outro” which sees Hoody reflecting on his journey as an artist and the sacrifices he has made to get to where he is today. The song’s intimate beat and Hoody’s smooth flow make it a standout track on the project.

Another highlight is “Paper Cuts 2014” which finds Hoody motivating listeners to keep pushing forward and never give up on their dreams through his personal experiences. The song’s upbeat production and inspirational lyrics make it a perfect anthem for anyone looking to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Overall, “Artificial Ignorance” is a must-listen for fans of underground rap and anyone looking for an injection of motivation and inspiration. Hoody Hawi’s unique style and powerful lyrics make this project a standout in the crowded rap scene. If you’re looking for an artist who truly embodies the hustle and grind of the music industry, look no further than Hoody Hawi.

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Meet The Lucrative Youth

The Lucrative Youth are an established creative agency based out of Miami, Florida who specialize in artist development services. They provide everything from world class production to industry standard music videos, with everything done in-house at their studio space down in Miami. Founded by Ernie Valladares back in 2018, The Lucrative Youth have made it a priority to put the artists needs first and building with their clients long term while most studios are focused on the pay-per-hour business model. Not that there is anything wrong with the pay-per-hour model, but The Lucrative Youth understand the importance of artist development, and bank on the music they produce to pop off in the long run.

Ernie built the business from the ground up, and made huge sacrifices a long the way. All in the name of prioritizing the art first. But the success of The Lucrative Youth didn’t come without encountering some issues along the way. A week before the launch of their first studio, they encountered some permit issues which forced them to bail on that spot, and find a new location after having already invested thousands of dollars into the space. Eventually they found a new spot, which is the one they’re currently located at and sure enough, Covid happened which caused them to close the doors until further notice, resulting in a 4 month delay.

Success has a funny way of always throwing a challenge at you, but Ernie’s unmatched desire to make it work and continue despite all of the set backs is the reason The Lucrative Youth are thriving today. Never give up on your dreams folks! So in conclusion, if you’re in the Miami area and are looking for a team of people to bring your vision to life, tap in with Ernie and the good people over at The Lucrative Youth. Thanks for reading!

Check out some of their work below!

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5G & Drilla’s New Music Video “Talk To Me Nicely” Is a Hit

Coming out of Sacramento, California this week with a new refreshing and exciting sound is 5G and Drilla with their new hit single “Talk To Me Nicely“. Accompanied by a fire music video from director Jackson Bert, “Talk To Me Nicely” is a song that flexes their lyrical prowess with authority and style.

The common theme throughout the song is their unmatched relentless pursuit to the money, while at the same time demanding respect hence the song title “Talk To Me Nicely”. 5G and Drilla find themselves in a empty desert terrain most likely located in Sacramento, and is complimented by distorted visual effects from director Jackson Bert. Mo Beats (Producer) and Mark$man (Engineer), absolutely nailed the overall production of the track. The overall vibes of the beat took me back to the days where I first got started in the music business, roughly around 2015-2016 when Carti and Uzi were emerging onto the scene.

I really think once you hear “Talk To Me Nicely” you’ll hop on the Sacramento wave. 5G and Drilla are certainly making a huge splash on the west-coast music scene, so I’m excited to see what the future has in store for these two. I’ll attach the link to the “Talk To Me Nicely” video below, let me know what you think!

Watch “Talk To Me Nicely” Here:

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OkDEAZY Releases New Single and Video “Good Day”

I’m very excited to present you guys OkDEAZY’s latest single “Good Day”. OkDEAZY is an upcoming artist out of Chicago, Illinois who has been popping up on my feed now for the last couple of weeks. The moment I heard “Good Day” I knew I had been sleeping by not clicking the links earlier, the kid has undeniable talent and the ability to make his visions a reality.

“Good Day” is a song that brought me back to the early days when I was just getting started in my music career. With its spacious melodic production, OkDEAZY paints the picture of his one of a kind lifestyle and covers topics like linking with girls, getting to the bag and everything that comes along with being a young artist in today’s age. In my opinion, his potential is limitless and i’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the Chicago phenom. Check out the video for “Good Day” below.

Watch “Good Day” Here:

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Labels, It’s Time To Put The Bag Behind Kendog917

I’ve been a fan of Kendog917 for a few years now. Every year he never fails to impress me, and shows huge signs of growth with every release. This week, the Broward County native drops off a new EP titled Drill Beats & Melodies which is only 4 tracks long but I had the whole thing on repeat all weekend. Since it’s titled Drill Beats & Melodies, I’m guessing you can put two and two together, he merges drill production with his bouncy melodic flow and talks about troubled relationships and doing whatever it takes to get to the bag, the style is very unique compared to everything else in Florida right now which is why I’m so confident he’ll stand out in the crowd.

If you’re with a record label reading this, Kendog917 has everything you might be looking for in an artist. Originality, talent, and an unstoppable drive to make sure his work is top quality with no expenses spared. So please, check out his discography and social media to see what all the hype is about, and when you sign him just make sure you DM me “thank you”. Hahaha, check out Drill Beats & Melodies below, I’ll also attach the music video for the first song on the project titled “Again”. Thanks for reading!

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Will Chef Sean win a Grammy for his song “Runaway”?

Chef Sean is bringing the heat this year with the launch of hot new music and videos. His new album “My Life” has taken the streets by storm, and has recently been picked up by the mainstream media. One of the tracks from the album, “Runaway”, recently caught the attention of one of Hollywood’s top awards shows The Grammys. Chef Sean just got word back from his team that he is a GRAMMY Contender for Best Rap Performance for his track “Runaway”. With the release of his new album, “My Life”, Chef Sean is creating buzz in the club circuit and the industry as a whole. Stream “Runaway” below and let us know if you think he’ll win a GRAMMY!

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