Sky’s the Limit drops debut single “Changes”

By Damilola Grey

Florida native, Sky’s the Limit has finally dropped his long-awaited single, “Changes”. This is also his first release on all streaming platforms, and it features Tony Givan as well.

“Changes” sees Sky paint a picture of a failing relationship. On the 3-minute track, he tells his partner that changes need to be made for their relationship to be able to work out and progress. The track features a neo-soul, R&B vibe and ethereal vocals from Tony Givan that add more to the feeling. Both artists bring forth melancholic melodies to help further paint the picture.

The struggles of a failing relationship is something lots of people have experienced in their lives and Sky’s the Limit and Tony Givan come together to provide listeners some form of comfort- a shoulder to cry on in a sense. A catchy flow, amazing production, as well as the smooth vocals make this a track worth remembering.

“Changes” is a really solid debut from the Florida native and we can’t wait to see what bigger steps he takes in the near future.

Stream “Changes” on all platforms HERE.

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