Alexcusemy gives us his ‘Warning Shot’ on new EP

Houston artist Alexcusemy is not unfamiliar to our pages, as numerous projects of his have caught our ear before for their colorful, often progressive sonics. His latest, Warning Shot, does well to continue the highly prolific artist’s streak of releases, containing 5 infectious songs based in hip-hop, cloud rap, alternative R&B, and more, that showcase his signature sound- one that is catchy, vivid, and atmospheric.

One thing that stands out quickly about Alexcusemy is his versatility. A dynamic artist that refuses to be boxed in to simply one style, he touches numerous bases across Warning Shot that create an enticing and exciting listening experience. “About Me”, produced by talented beatmaker Silversurfersosurreal, contains glowing synths and immersive 808s that induce the feeling of floating on a cloud, as Alexcusemy weaves together addictive melodies above. “No Interference”, featuring J.R.A., contains grooving, richly vibrant production that adds heavy replay value as Alexcusemy delivers smooth, commanding vocals. The title track “Warning Shot” makes for a project highlight with its driving rhythm section, spacey samples, and charismatic vocals.

Warning Shot is the latest project from Houston’s Alexcusemy, continuing his fast-paced run of releases that draw influence from underground hip-hop, cloud rap, and more.

Listen to Warning Shot now:

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