Dear Me returns with new single, “How Did We End Up Like This”

By Jacob Ezra

Photo courtesy of Elite Talent Group

Nashville’s Dear Me has returned with with a new song entitled “How Did We End Up Like This?”. The eclectic songwriter and poet, who has been gaining momentum for his evocative, relatable style, has been prolific lately, releasing a series of strong singles.

For his latest offering, Dear Me connects with Laeland and Sølace to craft a bittersweet track that draws the listener in to its reflective atmosphere. With an instrumental centred around glowing keys and minimalistic, atmospheric percussion, “How Did We End Up Like This?” is produced beautifully. Moreover, the vocals are sharply-crafted and smooth, yet simultaneously emotive, making for a refreshing mood and sound.

According to Elite Talent Group, the name Dear Me comes from when he started making music – with the music served as little letters to himself. Heartfelt and personal, Dear Me is a talented artist that writes vibrant music anyone can relate to.

Listen to “How Did We End Up Like This?” here:

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