Wrek shares laid-back new offering “All Day”

By Damilola Grey

Wrek is back with another track titled “All Day”. The 2-minute song has a mellow feel to it, with him painting a picture using clever rhymes and witty bars. “All Day” finds Wrek deliberating on whether he should take “his foot off the pedal to save gas”. He has been progressing a lot recently, and now he wants to take a break and “chisel his own path”. When I asked the New Jersey native what “All Day” meant to him, he told me, “I would definitely choose to be lazy and just do what I like. But obviously, I wouldn’t get anywhere doing that so it’s kinda me complaining about how I’d rather be home, but I know I have to get up, and get to it and make dreams happen”. Wrek also dropped a music video to accompany the track. Give “All Day” a listen here and don’t forget to check out the music video on YouTube.

Watch the video for “All Day” here now:

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