Francesca Wexler’s “Pink Noise” is our song of the week

By Jacob Ezra

Francesca Wexler‘s release”Pink Noise” is our song of the week. Accompanied by a new lyric video, the mysterious, pensive “Pink Noise” concocts a vividly otherworldly atmosphere. Wexler, who is originally from Lagos, Nigeria but grew up in Mississauga, Canada, has truly tapped into something unique with her mercurial, layered sound.

On this track, this signature sound is on full display, with organic production that marries dusky horns with eerie vocal samples and textured percussion to create a nocturnal concoction that is vibrant and addictive. Moreover, her vocal delivery captures the listener with its emotive delivery and vivid lyricism. An emotionally layered offering that expresses alienation and longing in an engrossing manner, “Pink Noise” is one of our favourite tracks released recently.

The lyric video for “Pink Noise” is available here:

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