Sven Andrew Is Pushing the Boundaries of What Music Can Do with Live Performances

The German Music Industry has a history of producing some of the hottest musical talents, and this trend is still going strong.

The Bavaria-based highly talented artist Sven Andrew is recently on our list of talented artists we have ever discovered.

He is an artist who is known for his energetic and crazy concerts. Recently, his live performance held at Nuremberg has caught a lot of eyes. His unusual setup of six screens displaying different visuals for the different songs was the best part one has ever come through. 

The industry is fascinated by Sven’s ability to successfully span various genre boundaries. He has proven to be highly skilled in the electro, pop, and indie rock genres, which he blends to create his unique sound.

During his most recent concert, which took place in Nuremberg at “Der Hirsch,” a location where Juju, 01099, and Money Boy gave multiple German concerts, Sven Andrew made a ridiculous effort.

Sven Andrew began working on projects independently at an early age, which is how he got to where he is now.

Sven has been working and producing music as an independent artist. He’s a multi-gifted music talent with mastery of all the industry’s dynamics. Sven does everything himself, from songwriting to production, video production, and marketing. He also takes charge of the business side of things, organizing and booking gigs for himself. He’s a rare talent in the industry, with no close match, and he’s bursting onto the music scene.

Sven Andrew has selected a musical strategy that is suited to his non-traditional and intuitive aesthetic. He is renowned for creating everlasting musical works that continue to comment on contemporary cultural events. Sven never hesitates to express himself via music. Each song is an actual opportunity for him to influence, innovate, and express himself. Additionally, music is a language that is understood across all barriers, so why not use his talents to make the world a better place?

Sven Andrew has an undeniable talent and yourself a favor and get familiar with this trailblazing talent.


SPITDIAMONDS continues to cement their stance within the music industry

By Avinash Singh

In the music world, everyone is encouraged to participate and leave something behind. And now, we’ll discuss a really prominent yet aspiring artist that we’ve discovered as he takes over spotify by acquiring thousands of streams.

SPITDIAMONDS is the moniker that he goes by, and he has shown that age is not a barrier to learning new things; one can learn at any age. SPITDIAMONDS, who is just fourteen years old, started out in the music industry to establish his presence in the musical field.

At only nine, he began to create, and at sixteen he presented his first work. When we think about the upcoming artist, we notice that many of them engage in creative endeavors and take things seriously. We assume that the future is in excellent hands.

Additionally, SPITDIAMONDS began to draw a lot of attention and was recently invited to concerts Next Up event in Vegas, which was organized by the Grammys. He turned down offers for management and record agreements and is now completely independent. He constantly relied on his loved ones as his support system, which was sufficient for him to reach the pinnacle of achievement.

Our topic of Emphasis will be his brand-new song, “Bomaye!” SPITDIAMONDS wrote and performed the song “Time” & “Bomaye,” which was executive produced by himself. He perfectly captures my aspiration to have a quick and effective existence. His song could be a measure of speed, but it conveys more. The manner in which it was said and written demonstrates how unique it is from the others.

SPITDIAMONDS’s dedication to music has impressed us to an extent and we would recommend all the people to check out this talented individual.


An Interview With Rising Artist Bimpin

By Avinash Singh

  1. Hi, Bimpin! How are you?

I’ve been feeling good, mentally and physically. 

  1. Where are you from?

I’m from Chicago and still live here to this day.

  1. How did you get into music?

I have always been surrounded by music since I was little. Both my brothers have really guided me towards different styles of music, which makes me a versatile artist today.

  1. What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

Seeing my numbers grow always feels like achievements to me and knowing there are people out there that really pay attention to me also feels like an achievement. Being recognized by The Recording Academy and major press publications are also some great gains. 

  1. What are 3 words that describe your music?

From my point of view 3 words that define my music specifically are unique, forward-thinking, meaningful.

  1. What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

Life has its ups and downs and money doesn’t define who you are when it’s still nice to have money. 

  1. Who inspires you the most musically?

My sound is influenced by rappers such as Young Thug, Gunna and Quavo while I’m inspired by artists such as Lil Baby, Travis Scott and Lil Wayne.

  1. Who is one artist you wish you could work with?

I feel Quavo and I’s sounds are extremely similar but also extremely different at the same time. A song where we work together and work with meaning would come out very well. 

  1. Tell us about any new music you have coming out?

I am about to drop a song called 2Life with Henny Hermes, KILJ and production by Stafford Beats. 2Life is written about success and fortune while mentioning personal experiences that were made to get there and to go forward. 

  1. Anything else you want the audience to know about you?

I want them to know even though I’m next up and grinding to get there, at the end of the day I’m just a regular 14 year old kid from Chicago learning my way through life. 

Listen to Bimpin here:


646 Antoni Releases New Single “HOP IN! “

By Avinash Singh

646 Antoni is among several people who are establishing themselves in the music industry. However, it is equally difficult to thrive among the industry’s more respected characters who have achieved so much success. As a result, the atmosphere of his ever-expanding platform within the progressive music culture world only gets brighter.

646 Antoni has returned with an engaging single and video. He starts out with his smash tune “Hop in.” He’ll continue dropping on a regular basis since this is only the beginning of his year.

This time, he has bestowed upon us a song that immediately provides us with a burst of energy and punchlines. He distinguishes himself from the competitors again, and not only with the music.

He understands that he has put in a lot of effort to get to where he is. He knows better than to believe those who think he just got fortunate. In the entertainment industry, consistent effort and devotion are essential, and he will be the last person to cut corners or take the easy way out.

 646 Antoni is a genuine artist that is truly putting out music to touch people, not simply mindless music with no effort put into it.

646 Antoni will continue to release tracks that motivate deep thinkers, decision-makers, and huge dreamers with his music. You may learn more about 646 Antoni and keep up with his current efforts by visiting the following links:


Why is Las Guapo not just another rapper?

By Avinash Singh

Melodically gifted people have the chance to engage on a journey that will allow them to share their talents and bring others together, but not everyone sees it this way.

In the pursuit of monetary and transient pleasures, some individuals and organizations pursue egocentric ambitions. Las Guapo, rather, started his career in music with a single goal in mind: to write songs with much imagination and to establish his own trends.

We can’t forget about all of the projects he’s worked on that have garnered great responses from his fans, when we talk about this incredible artist.

 It all started in 2017 when he was pushing carts at Sam’s Club. He went on social media and noticed musicians like “Lil Pump,” who had already become well-known in the business. This instilled in Las Guapo a sense of self-assurance, like if this artist could accomplish it, why can’t he? He was convinced that he could make songs 10 times better than Lil Pump.

During a recent chat with him, we asked him to reveal the creative process that helped him become the celebrity he is today. He stated that nothing is planned ahead of time, from the words to the rhythms. Everything happens in the head, and he goes with the flow, trusting his intuition.

This makes him Stand out from all the other artists.

Giving an insight into his creative process he quotes, “I really just go into the booth and talk about what’s on my mind or what I’m going through at the moment. Nothing is written, everything just off the top of my head!’

He mostly focuses on making his artistry unique so that he stands out in the industry and is known worldwide.

Listen now to Las Guapo by Clicking the link below:


Benrezzy’s “Stimmy” is an addictive listen

By Avinash Singh

What is the one thing that you want when you are bored, or not in the mood to do anything? The answer is: music. Music has helped us a lot to live our life at our best despite the hurdles thrown at us by the world.

Today our findings include the song “Stimmy” by Benrezzy. He has just entered the musical world with an ambition of making the finest of musical projects along with the motto of connecting with the listeners. 

Stimmy is a song with a piano tune at the start with the bass and drums going in sync making it a catchy tune. The lyricism discusses the lavish life Benrezzy wants to live. And it also includes the aspirations that a common individual wants to experience once in a lifetime.

When we asked the artist Benrezzy what was the idea behind creating this song. He replied that “Stimmy” is a song everyone can relate to as much as possible. Besides, Connection is the topmost priority for Benrezzy.

“Stimmy” was already dropped last year and it should be listened to by our audience and added to one’s playlist.

We are excited to encounter the future works that he has in store for us.

Stream “Stimmy” on Spotify


Camila Colominas & Raelee release ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ EP

By Avinash Singh

With the weekend approaching, we wanted to find a new musical project to complement our wild celebrations in the best way possible. Our finding arrives just in time. Without further ado, let us meet Camila Colominas and Raelee, two of the most creative artists we’ve found recently.

The EP Heartbreak Hotel which is a collaboration of Camila and Raelee has been gaining traction in the music scene. The album consists of a total of 8 tracks in which “Bad Habit” has been one of the most streamed songs instantly after its release gaining over 8K streamers overnight and now stands at 12K streamings which is the most impressive thing one can encounter.

The EP is sweet, beautiful, melodious, and has a rhythmic beauty which makes the album a smashing hit. Few artists have the same distinct voice and talent that they bring to the music market, and their devotion is guaranteed to resonate with anybody who hears the album.

The album was performed by the extremely talented producer Bergotti. Bergotti composed two of the beats for Heartbreak Hotel, “Kamaals Outro” and “Heartbreak Hotel”, the opening track on the EP. They penned the songs while the beats were being generated, which is why the two individual tunes are so distinct. On “Heartbreak Hotel,” their dear buddy HighJak played a guitar solo.

Besides, both the artist were best friends and was fascinated by music. They had the same vision of creating an R&B album as they grew up watching big personalities collab but never saw female artists R&B Collaboration. This lit a fire in them to do something unique that one has never seen.

Stream Now on Spotify


Gramps the Producer is Making His Mark on the Industry

By Avinash Singh

Many people grow up dreaming to be musicians, drummers, singers, and artists who will make incredible music. However, as time passes by, the realities of the world catch up and many people give up on their dreams and settle for safer options instead. The music industry is a very challenging arena and not many people can survive. Gramps the Producer is among those who have the ultimate love and passion for making tracks, beats, and all kinds of melodies and has slowly risen to the top of the game.

Being able to be successful in this industry is not easy. People that usually follow trends may gain success and fame momentarily; however, the industry can also be quite harsh, and quick to forget those who do not bring originality to the table. Gramps the Producer has done exactly that. Track after track, he has produced original pieces that have placed him securely in the industry as a great artist.

Gramps the Producer wants to advise everyone that they should always be original and authentic with their work. He says that following trends may be easy but you won’t get far in the industry. He also wants people to know that taking risks and experimenting is important, otherwise, there will be no growth. 

The plans for the coming year seem pretty packed for Gramps the Producer. He is planning to work with more international artists and produce more music. Gramps the Producer has many projects ready to impress everyone coming in 2022.



DLZ shares new banger “Summer’s Over”

Written by Avinash SIngh

We fell in love with “Summer’s Over” by the mysterious DLZ. While the cold is settling around us, the track made our day and offered us beautiful melodic sensations. This artist is blessed with one of the most beautiful voices you’ll hear today.

“Summer’s Over” is generally upbeat and cultivates a casually chill vibe. What I find most impressive about this song is that it has a distinctive and atmospheric intro. Musically, this sets the mood for the track’s dark ambiance, with the unique instrumentation being my favorite example. 

DLZ also demonstrates some solid rhyming chops, particularly on this track. Overall this song is a decent release with good songwriting and capable performance. The artist’s brother Brian gets bonus points for creating the backing music the old-fashioned way, which not only enhances the sound but lends the track an authentic personality.

“Summer’s Over” is a new single from the brilliant artist. One thing that’s striking about this track is that there is a very acute balance between the words and the musical backing. Demonstrating his confidence and capability, the song is almost fully driven by DLZ’s vocal delivery. His performance is quick-witted and engaging, like an amplified version of spoken word slam poetry.

Play now:


Listen To JJ’s Latest Single “If I Say So”

Written by Avinash Singh

JJ is an artist you need to discover a few months back and since then he has kept us hooked on his new release and here he is back again with his new project. He offers splendid music, undeniable quality, and a poetic world that it is rare to find nowadays.

We will keep from sticking a precise genre his musical universe that has unique artistic research and large influences from rock to acoustic elements, passing by cinematic atmospheres. His single ”If I Say So’ fights the generalization and contextualization of music into singular non-expansive genres.

We fell in love with his sound, from the first notes itself, and his opus contains unique bangers built over soulful melodic instrumentals, and chill vocal performances.JJ’s flow is appealing from start to finish and combines hip-hop melodies as well as laid-back rapping.

“If I Say So” will make our whole season, and probably the rest of the year. The weird thing is that we can’t even describe it with ‘normal’ words’. We’ve tried until we realized it was impossible.

We understand why it is called ‘If I Say So’ after all as it seems that simply the artist is just saying it with all the fascinating rhythm and this beautiful track is built automatically. The song needs to be savored and reached the folks who enjoy great music.