Maverick Kang Does Not Disappoint With His Album: Illumination

If you are someone who likes to keep up with current music and rap you will probably know about Mav Kang. He is a recording artist and song writer from Thailand. From as far as he can remember he always had a dream to make music. When he got into acting, he started dabbling with software and live instruments. This gave him the push he needs and now he is able to take this as a proper career instead of something he does as a hobby.

He finally came up with a album that showcased his talent with amazing singles like, HEAT SENSOR. Mav Kang wanted to make a legacy for himself, and he has been very passionate about it. His current singles are an example of the type of unique music he intends to make. He has the potential and talent to combine different themes that will remind you of well-known artists.

The year 2022 seems to be Kang’s year with his album and how it is breaking streaming charts already. The fans and followers of the artist hope to see more of his music in the coming time.

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