Rising Artist, Avivpr’s New Sense Of Empowerment Has Him Gaining Traction In The Music World

R&B Singer-Songwriter and Producer Avivpr might be one of the freshest faces to arrive on the scene in the pop-indie scene. Still, he’s one that alternative music lovers should be paying close attention to. Since first emerging on the scene, he’s already begun to flex his abilities as a producer by taking his classical training and marrying it with impressive guitar elements to create some fantastic tunes.

While much of the early part of this year has been quiet for Avivpr, he emerged along with the onset of spring to gift the world with an eclectic discography, pushing his debut song “Alright.” Avivpr has always been moved by music, outstanding music that is intended to stir souls. Being extremely passionate about writing and creating music, he started playing the drums and piano on most of his tracks, and found himself adding clean sharp vocals in the studio. This inspired his first ever song to be set out in the world, ‘

Avivpr considers himself to be inspired by Kanye West, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Micheal Jackson and several more. Using elements of their music and ensuring that he incorporates his preferences and styles into his work, Avivpr can methodically craft iconic and innovative tunes that especially shine under the umbrella of alternative rock and indie-pop. He also includes mainstream elements in it so that people who aren’t necessarily fans of hip hop/R&B music would also appreciate his music.

Check him out on Instagram

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