The Power of Perseverance: IVX’s Advice for Emerging Artists

The path to success in the music industry is rarely smooth, but IVX’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance. As an emerging artist who has faced his fair share of challenges, IVX understands the importance of staying resilient and focused on one’s dreams. In this article, we delve into IVX’s experiences and insights, as he shares valuable advice for aspiring musicians. Whether you’re just starting out or navigating the ups and downs of the industry, IVX’s words of wisdom offer inspiration and guidance for those embarking on their own musical path.

  1. Embrace the Journey, Embrace Growth IVX emphasizes the importance of embracing the journey rather than solely focusing on the end goal. He encourages emerging artists to view every experience, whether positive or negative, as an opportunity for growth. Each setback is a chance to learn, adapt, and come back stronger. By shifting the focus from immediate success to personal and artistic development, emerging artists can find fulfillment in the process itself.
  2. Find Your Unique Voice In a world saturated with aspiring musicians, standing out is crucial. IVX highlights the significance of finding and embracing one’s unique voice. Instead of conforming to trends or imitating others, he encourages emerging artists to explore their own identity and express their authentic selves through their music. It is this individuality that resonates with audiences and creates a lasting impact.
  3. Build a Supportive Network IVX acknowledges that navigating the music industry can be overwhelming, which is why he emphasizes the importance of building a supportive network. Collaborating with fellow artists, connecting with mentors, and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals can provide invaluable support, guidance, and opportunities for growth. By fostering genuine relationships, emerging artists can find strength in their collective journey and overcome obstacles together.
  4. Stay Persistent and Resilient IVX’s journey is a testament to the power of persistence. He advises emerging artists to stay committed to their craft, even in the face of rejection or setbacks. The music industry is known for its challenges, but it is those who persevere through difficult times that ultimately achieve success. IVX encourages artists to believe in themselves, stay focused on their goals, and remain resilient in the face of adversity.
  5. Embrace Change and Adapt As the music industry continues to evolve, IVX highlights the importance of embracing change and staying adaptable. He encourages emerging artists to stay open to new opportunities, explore different genres, and experiment with their sound. Being adaptable allows artists to stay relevant, reach new audiences, and continuously evolve their artistic expression.

IVX’s advice for emerging artists serves as a guiding light for those pursuing their dreams in the music industry. By embracing the journey, staying true to oneself, building a supportive network, staying persistent, and adapting to change, emerging artists can navigate the challenges and carve their own path to success. As IVX continues to inspire with his music and experiences, his words of wisdom remind us all of the power of perseverance in achieving our dreams.

Take this opportunity to learn from IVX’s experiences and let his advice fuel your own perseverance and growth as an emerging artist.


TCM Pain demonstrates his “Patience” on new single

By Todd Anderson

TCM Pain drops another solo hit with “Patience”. Pain is shocking the music game as he expresses his feelings in this melodic, heartfelt anthem. He flows from bar to bar with his aesthetic tone and metaphorical rhyme scheme with some slight touches of r&b.

On the track, he raps, “Just have some, patience…Can I have some patience? Diamond on your finger I been contemplating.” With this new track, Pain has won over the hearts of both his mystery lover as well as his fans. Since his debut, he has made an impact to hip-hop music today. Be sure to keep a lookout on TCM Pain as he will be rolling out more projects before the year is out!

Listen below and get familiar with the rising artist.



Leonardo Prakash shares ethereal single “Bring Up Water”

By Todd Anderson

Leonardo Prakash’s single, “Bring Up Water” was inspired by his sister’s journey to becoming a healer.  He was amazed at how joyful  it is to recognize your inherent gifts and follow that guidance in your life. “Bring Up Water”is an acoustic folk song written to inspire happiness and hope. With a sound reminiscent of the greatest folk records of the 60s and 70s, Leonardo Prakash’s lyrics are lifted up by guitars, simple drum kit, and voices. It is a timeless song with a timeless message and leaves you feeling renewed and inspired.

“This song is about joy, but it is also an acknowledgement that each one of us is unique and special in our own way and in realizing that, we add something to a greater whole.” says Prakash.

About Leonardo Prakash: Leonardo Prakash is a French-Mexican musician classically trained in his youth in guitar and sitar, and later in harp, flute, and jarana jarocha.  His unique musical voice has transcended his traditional foundations.  His music experimentis with the fusion of the intrinsic sounds of these instruments into classic rock and roll, flamenco, Indian raag, and the folk music of Latin America, Turkey, Japan, the Middle Eastern and East Africa.

Prakash is the proud recipient of the FONCA (Mexico’s National endowment fund for culture and the arts).  Throughout the years, Prakash has collaborated on a wide array of musical projects and has toured in Europe, the US, Canada and Mexico. His collaborations span many genres with artists such as Bogdan Djukic, Jesus Mejía, Mitote Jazz, Jorge Pardo, Historias de Radne Krishna, Mar De Leva, Ganabia, Elamir, Mirabai Ceiba, Jai-Jadeesh, and Snatam Kaur, amongst others. 

Listen to “Bring Up Water” now:


N3FS shares electrifying album ‘Cardiac Arrest’

By Todd Anderson

Stone Mountain, Georgia artist N3FS has shared a new album called Cardiac Arrest. Across 13 tracks, the rapper showcases his forward-thinking, adrenaline-fuelled sound atop abrasive, raw productions that combine influences from trap, hip-hop, hyperpop, and more. Powerful, cathartic rhythm sections make up the majority of these beats, contrasting intriguingly with sparkling, electrifying synths and dynamic, fluid melodies from N3FS.

Across the project, the production is laced with interesting drum patterns that draw influence from electronic, garage, and rock as well as hip-hop. Driving drums make up the heart of the infectious grooves of tracks like “Bonnie n’ Clyde” and “BOMF!” He switches up the rhythms throughout, never letting the record get too comfortable in one sound or style. “Breakitoff!” brings in a heavy garage influence, which blends intriguingly with his sleek auto-tuned, trap inspired vocals. It’s a refreshing and idiosyncratic combination that showcases the creativity of N3FS.

Title track “Cardiac Arrest!” brings in an ethereal, expansive beat that includes elements on DnB, drill, and trap. Here, he delivers floating, addictive melodies that draw the listener into the song’s smoky atmosphere. “Enemies” provides an explosive yet graceful sound with hypnotic samples and deep, booming 808s. Album highlight “BOMF!” impresses with its imposing and fierce sound, as clattering percussion and abrasive synths meld together to create a foreboding backdrop for N3FS’ powerful melodic delivery. Lastly, the album closes out with the infectious “Earth!”, which provides heavy replay value through its usage of winding synths, and bouncy 808s locked in with slick percussion. A powerful and catchy offering that draws from cloud rap and trap, “Earth!” hooks the listener in from the get-go and draws them into the song’s atmospheric sound.

The latest from Georgia’s N3FS, Cardiac Arrest finds him delivering a diverse and energetic project that flirts with hip-hop, trap, garage, DnB, and more. Showcasing the wide-ranging creativity of the young artist, the track-list surprises pleasantly at every turn, as you never know what to expect from each track, which keeps things exciting throughout.

Listen now HERE.


Yalla the Melodica- “Are You the One?” review

By Robert Mack

Emerging artist out of Los Angeles, California Yalla The Melodica gives us a new single titled “Are You the One?”. This is only her second release, and I am thoroughly impressed with what I have heard.

With its beautifully assembled melodies , mix of 80s synth pop and modern R&B and old school-influenced drum sounds, when listening to this song, I get the visual image of a school vaporwave gif with a delorean riding off into the sunset. Doing more research on the vaporwave movement it began between 2011 and 2012 when young artists began creating remixes of songs from the 70’s  and 80’s, mixing them with smooth jazz and lounge music, creating a new and strange genre, resembling a kind of “sad elevator music” . We see a lot of the imagery from the vaporwave movement being incorporated into music videos, cover art and artists overall branding. Its impact is something that cannot be seen all across the entertainment industry and Yalla seems like a product of that influence. The track keeps you wanting to listen to it over and over again because of the concept of less being more. With Yalla`s airy vocals and beat selection she uses the beat ingeniously to help cultivate an experience for the listener. She extends the end of her vocals to help invoke that synth feeling that really gives the song that repeat effect. 

When listening to this track it reminds me of artists such as Kaytranada, The Internet , Amber Mark , Lou Phelps, Topaz Jones  and others within this space of bringing back the old and mixing it with the new. I would not be surprised to see her do a collaboration with Kaytranada sometime in the future just because of the different sounds she brings to the table. 

Studying spotify playlist for awhile i’ve noticed artists that have a sound similar to Yalla that like to fuse the old with the new tend to land on  spotify editorial playlist such as Outliers, Choice Edit, Fresh Finds R&B and others. I hope to see her go far and be able to land on this playlist and get consistent blog coverage. 

Listen to the track below: