Dzh shares versatile 2-pack ‘RANTS’

New Jersey’s Dzh has returned with a fresh 2-song release called ‘RANTS’. The appropriately titled set finds him expressing himself in a cathartic manner, detailing his trials and tribulations- while keeping its sound and style engaging and infectious. The release showcases two sides of Dzh, and captures his dynamic persona concisely. It’s also sharply written, and it is evident throughout that Dzh put much thought and planning into each bar and each note. These immaculately crafted songs contain elements of hip-hop, trap, and rage, and refuse to be boxed in to categorization.

“You & Tha Raps” takes on the introspective tone that we’ve been hearing frequently from the East Coast wordsmith. It features a watery, laid-back beat that contains an immersive feel, moored by feathery but bouncy percussion. He then switches it up engagingly with the hard-hitting “Tha Most”, which brings in vibrant rage elements with winding synths and a booming rhythm section.

Give ‘RANTS’ a listen below and further familiarize yourself with Dzh.

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