Mike Wilder and Jake Bass make a statement for Detroit with ‘D.E.A.P.’

When it comes to hip-hop, Motor City is a locale synonymous with the genre. Over the years, the city has spawned many sub-genres, sounds, and styles that have resonated with many and laid their imprint upon the rap game as a whole. On Mike Wilder and Jake Bass’ new album D.E.A.P. (an acronym for Detroit Emcees and Producers), they tie all of these sounds together in a cohesive manner alongside a gifted set of collaborators. A poignant, infectious set of 10 songs that is diverse as it gets, D.E.A.P. brings in elements of boom-bap, lyrical hip-hop, trap, and more, to further exemplify why Detroit remains as one of the top cities in rap year after year. It’s a potent statement backed by powerful sonics and sharply-crafted lyricism, and D.E.A.P. makes for a strong offering overall that combines the sharp skills of multiple talents, including the likes of Pariis Noel, Marvwon, and more. 

Some highlight tracks here include the atmospheric “Pray For Me”, which includes a dazzling set of lyrically-focused verses delivered smoothly, and the heavy, trap banger “Roll Witta Clique”, a track densely packed with charisma and style.

D.E.A.P. is the latest poignant offering from Mike Wilder and Jake Bass. Wilder, who executive produced this album alongside Jake Bass originally got his start in the industry by co-producing Eminem’s debut album Infinite in 1996. He also co-founded the prolific music company NUKID, LLC alongside Marky Bass. Be sure to check out D.E.A.P. below and further familiarize yourself with some of Detroit’s most talented rappers and producers. 

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