Connie Roses shares glitchy new single “Magnet”

Pittsburgh artist Connie Roses has shared a fresh new single called “Magnet”. Following up his recent single “Bells and Bugs”, “Magnet” balances engaging sounds from hip-hop, hip-house, and glitch, making for an eclectic new cut.

“Magnet” contains infectious production moored by glistening grooves and layered with psychedelic, coarsely-chopped sampling. Atop the swirling, lively instrumental, Roses delivers a series of potent verses in which he weaves together lines that remain unpredictable, never quite settling in to one pocket. It makes for an exciting listen, while keeping the pace of “Magnet” dynamic enough to beckon many replays. Meanwhile, the chorus is also strong and memorable, using a simple refrain and focused sampling effectively.

“Magnet” continues Roses’ run of versatile, colorful singles that often push the boundaries of underground hip-hop. Listen to “Magnet” now and familiarize yourself with Pittsburgh’s Connie Roses:

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