Live 4eva drops electric new single “U!”

By Damilola Grey

Houston native, Live 4eva, has dropped his highly anticipated single “U!”. This also serves as the lead single to his album “Purgatory”.

Live 4eva uses a personal genre he calls rage and bass to express his creativity on this single. On “U!”, Live talks about a twisted and egotistic man who comes to terms with the fact that he is not as superior or almighty as he originally believes. The song starts of cockily- a glimpse into the man’s mindset- and ends on a more sober note. As the song progresses, we see how the man’s emotions change- from one of pride to one of humility.

The single was accompanied with a music video which was directed by abesogreat. In the music video, Live 4eva fights Bagman- a character he made to symbolize corporate greed, as well as capitalism. He uses the fight as a sort of metaphor depicting people’s struggle with money and what they do to get it. The music video was inspired from video games, as everyone who heard the single said it sounded like a video game.

With 2022 being an amazing year for music, Live 4eva has ended the year and, at the same time, ushered us perfectly into the new year with not only this amazing single, but also with the release of his new album “Purgatory”- a very fun but dark album. Make sure to check both of them out below.

Stream “U!” HERE.


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