Nike’ The Artist closes out 2022 with new EP “Living Life”

By Damilola Grey

New Jersey native, Nike’ The Artist (fka Babyg the Artist) has finally blessed her fans with the release of her heavily anticipated “Living Life” EP. The 5 track EP solely features fellow New Jersey native, Global Jay.

On Living Life, Nike’ addresses various emotions like on “iTried” which she speaks about heartbreak and how she can’t get the person out of her head no matter how much she tried. On personal favorite “FANS”, Nike’ graces the track with a more aggressive and turnt flow and delivery. Global Jay also comes with a verse which won’t fail to give listeners a stank face. Nike’ also adds a bonus track to the EP “Wanna Rock” because according to her, that’s all she wants to do. The EP also boasts of top-tier production.

“Living Life” is a collection of Nike’s various sounds which not only showcases her versatility, but at the same time highlights her growth as an artist and we can’t wait to see what Nike’ has in store for us all 2023.

Stream Living Life: The EP below:

On Apple Music HERE.

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