Boyu delivers stellar new album ‘Flower Garden’

St. Louis-bred, Los Angeles-based artist Boyu has delivered a stellar debut album in Flower Garden, a 12 track odyssey into vibrant, rich sonics and mesmerizing songwriting. The project remains versatile throughout, drawing from the best elements of modern indie-pop, alt-rock, and even hip-hop, as it refuses to be boxed in to one style or sound.

Here, Boyu’s emotive, poignant lyricism and sharply-crafted instrumentation shines through across many memorable moments. Opener and title track “Flower Garden” is a sublime, catchy dose of Boyu’s captivatingly colorful sound, embedding itself into the listener’s memory with its focused, ear-worm melodies. Then there are tracks like “Hands Around Your Throat”, which showcase Boyu’s diverse skillset as a songwriting with its bouncier, energizing tempo and driving rhythm. The wistful, nostalgic elegance of “Embers Of Our Innocence” bring back colorful memories of times past, as Boyu weaves together sharply-crafted melodies atop crisp percussion and immersive keys. Closer “Miata Trip” was our personal favorite from the record, with its sunny, airy sonics based around infectious vocals and dreamy, atmospheric guitars.

A truly remarkable sonic journey overall, Flower Garden captivates with its colorful spectrum of influences, drawing the listener into the songwriter’s world with its euphoric instrumentation and heartfelt lyricism.

St. Louis native Boyu began his musical journey as a classically-trained pianist before turning his attention to drums, guitar, and songwriting. Originally setting out on the path of corporate banking, Boyu made the decision to relocate from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA to follow his true passion- making music. Although he made his debut relatively recently in April 2021, his music and videos gained momentum very quickly and made an immediate impression with listeners, garnering an impressive 1,000,000+ streams independently.

Listen to Boyu’s debut album Flower Garden here and get familiar with the rising LA-based artist:

Connect with Boyu and watch for updates regarding new music and more: Spotify | Instagram

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