Tim Buds delivers engaging new single “DENIM HEART”

Charlotte-based artist Tim Buds has shared a new single called “DENIM HEART”. The release continues his recent prolific streak of genre-bending, infectious offering, following up his well-received track “BATS”, which included elements of punk, alt-rock, and more. His latest, “DENIM HEART”, is a bittersweet track with undertones of hope and romance, with a warm, expansive style that builds upon Buds’ ability to create dreamlike yet raw soundscapes.

“DENIM HEART” opens with wistful guitars before a fast-paced, punchy groove drops in beneath. Bolstered by bouncy percussion and engaging bass, Buds delivers poignant, memorable vocal melodies as they song dynamically builds into a heartfelt, cathartic chorus. Displaying his versatility as a vocalist, “DENIM HEART” makes for another sharply written cut from the rising Charlotte-based artist, and has us excited to hear whatever may be coming next from him as he continues to rapidly build his strong discography.

Listen to “DENIM HEART” now:

Connect with Tim Buds: Instagram | Twitter

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