RUYi drops melodic banger “wEEKDAYS”

By Damilola Grey

New Jersey-based artist RUYi has dropped a new single titled “wEEKDAYS”. This release marks another addition to the amazing array of singles RUYi has dropped this year.

“wEEKDAYS” sees RUYi struggle with time as he’s been juggling school, music, work and other duties while trying to make time for his ex. RUYi feels like he’s drowning in his quest for time management. When I talked to the Nigerian artist about the significance of the single to him, he told me “it’s also an eye opener for me that kinda showed me I may not have a stable relationship until I get to a certain level in music”. RUYi is able to showcase his emotions with ethereal vocals reminiscent of Vory or Don Toliver, while giving words of affirmation to his ex on the single.

RUYi’s hot streak of singles isn’t stopping anytime soon, and we can’t wait to see what more has in store for us.


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