Terrence Leon drops Audiomack-exclusive EP ‘Stasis’

By Damilola Grey

Texas native, Terrence Leon has finally dropped his highly anticipated EP Stasis on Audiomack. This marks Terrence Leon’s first project of the year, as well as the follow-up from his 2021 project Loading. The EP consists of 3 tracks and the slowed and reverbed version of each of them.

Stasis sees Terrence talk about the mind of a person stuck in the failure of past relationships. Each track sees Terrence face something different in himself- a different demon or challenge. On personal favorite “Love Runs Out”, Terrence Leon discusses the result of a dead relationship, absent of love or affection. Terrence tries his best to salvage the relationship but to no avail. This negative outcome leaves him with a very important question: when love runs out, where does it go? Terrence takes listeners on a journey of different emotions, mainly about love and the sadness that comes with a heartbreak, with otherworldly vocals reminiscent of SiR and Brent Faiyaz. The project was mixed and mastered by Tim Curry.

According to Terrence, this is just the first part of an EP trilogy. With a project as perfect and heavenly as this, one can only imagine what next we should expect from the Texas native.


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