Butta The Preacher returns with new single “CRAZY ABOUT GOD”

By Todd Anderson

Butta The Preacher has shared a new single called “Crazy About God.” Just within 2 days of the new release, he ranked at the top of the global music charts with the single featuring Shallon Tore’ and multi award winning recording artist Emcee N.I.C.E. Butta The Preacher is a native from Gary, Indiana whose engaging, powerful sound has been capturing the ears of many listeners of late.

“Crazy About God” contains uplifting production and commanding, absorbing vocals that find the emcees as sharp as ever on the mic. An inspiring, vibrant track that finds the artists expressing their love for God, “Crazy About God” makes for an engaging, infectious new offering.

Listen to “Crazy About God” now:

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