MiG Arogan brings fiery energy on “I Got it Girl”

By Todd Anderson

Born in the capital city of Port Au Prince, Haiti, MiG Arogan grew up in a very Hip-Hop-influenced household. He started showing interest in the music industry at a very young age. As he grew older, this interest developed into a passion and he pursued it further and started writing his verses.

MiG released his first ever mixtape “Bo Kotem Pa Paradi” in 2012. The mixtape was well received by the public and put MiG is one of the top 3 Haitian American artists.

The success of “Bo Kotem Pa Paradi” showed MiG that he had a lot of potential. So, he decided to move to the USA to pursue his passion. After shifting to New York in 2013, he worked on becoming a well known artist in the States. Over the past decade, Mig has released many hit singles like “Addicted To Money”, “I Got It Girl” and “Ice Cream”. “I Got It Girl” MiG’s previous release this year has accumulated over 1M views on YouTube . The single is infectious and powerful, containing hard-hitting production and commanding, versatile vocals from Arogan. The music video enhances the song’s driving, electrifying energy and makes for a cohesive accompaniment, giving the song added replay value.

Watch now:

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