Francesca Wexler Drops Commanding Debut EP, ‘I Promise’

By Trey Fox

Francesca Wexler is an emerging artist based in Toronto, Ontario. She’s had a consistent output of show-stopping singles over the last two years, dazzling fans with her charisma, nimble rhymes, and captivating melodies. Wexler also engages her audience with freestyles, behind the scenes content, and stunning visuals on platforms like Twitter, Youtube and TikTok. Serving as a compilation, her debut EP is a culmination of all of her singles dating back to 2021. It’s an adventurous ride full of twists and turns that shows Wexler’s range as a multidimensional artist and human.

The first song, “Oyster,” begins with the comforting sounds of road noise before quickly hitting listeners with a boisterous sonic canvas. Wexler moves in the fast lane, quickly weaving through past memories and experiences going back to childhood. Next is “Cherry Fields Forever,” her most streamed song to date. It’s a hypnotic, club-worthy record full of steamy wordplay and an earworm of a chorus. “I like to get down, down, down, down!” she refrains over the uptempo production. Wexler’s smooth delivery and slick punchlines make for a memorable track. “I’ll wear you out like you’re in fashion,” she raps confidently. “Bronzefish” remains just as unflinching. Wexler makes her presence felt with powerful boasts in rapid succession, staking her claim while having fun in the moment.

Wexler moves at the same pace with “Bouillon” before taking a quick detour with “Sweetheart,” a stripped back ballad about fading love. She walks listeners through a fracturing relationship, reflecting on everything from burdensome family dynamics to troubling facades and hurtful exchanges. There are moments where Wexler desires what her and her partner once had. “You used to give me fever,” she sings endearingly. “You still give me fever.”

The next song, “Pink Noise,” feels like a fever dream with its ominous horns and pitched down vocal samples. Wexler explores feelings of disillusionment and paranoia that come from existing in a crumbling society that chugs along as if nothing is wrong. “History repeats, it’s like a broken 8-track/Every time we try, we fail to wind the tape back,” she raps pointedly. 

The penultimate track, “Beatitudes,” is a woozy, contemplative banger that sees Wexler reflecting on the ways she’s had to evolve over time. While they were “wishing on stars and wishing wells,” she needed to “learn how to get it for myself.” She later recalls that, “The gleam of pipe dreams kept me warm when I was lonely.” She ends on “Princess Diana,” a dreary soundscape with pulsing guitar riffs and glittering pops that keep light at the end of the tunnel. Wexler touches on traumatic experiences that made her stronger but also left a damaging mark on her psyche. “The kind of bruises you hide from the mirror/ Those kinds of bruises make chaos feel tender,” she says soberly. Tender moments abound on her debut EP.

Stream “I Promise” below:

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