Memoir.’s “Why Don’t We?” provides a vulnerable take on NY drill

New York artist Memoir. has shared a new single called “Why Don’t We?” The song’s release follows up his well-received offering “Poised II./ Hold Grudges.”, and continues his run of engaging NY drill releases. “Why Don’t We?” separates itself from the crowd with its boldly vulnerable content, as the Memoir. delivers heartfelt verses covering topics such as heartbreak and trauma. His willingness to be open with listeners is admirable, and makes “Why Don’t We?” a truly relatable listen.

The production on the single is focused and emotive as well, using sparkling vocal samples to conjure a wistful feeling atop bouncy, crisp percussion. Atop the ethereal instrumentation, Memoir. flows with ease as he weaves together memorable lines packed densely with emotion.

The latest from Memoir., “Why Don’t We?” makes for a potent, sharply-crafted release and has us excited for what may be coming next from him.

Listen to “Why Don’t We?” now:

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