TK shines on new offering, “Password”

LA-based artist TK has shared a new single called “Password.” The much-anticipated single follows the distribution of the song as a music NFT on Impressively, 50 editions of Password were sold to TK’s biggest supporters, generating $15,000 worth of revenue in less than 24 hours. Now available on streaming services, “Password” finds TK delivering a poignant, infectious release that captures his glowing, expansive sound. Blending flourishes of R&B with pop stylings for a vibrant release, “Password” contains sharp songwriting and addictive melodies that draw the listener deeply into the song’s airy atmosphere. Discussing how past trauma can influence our current relationships, the song also makes for an emotive listen many can relate to. The latest from TK, “Password” has certainly whetted our appetite for more music from him. Listen to “Password” below and get familiar with the LA-based artist.

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