Baybetone surpasses 300K on “Knock”

Jacksonville rapper Baybetone is starting to create a lot of buzz in the Florida area. After taking a year hiatus, Baybetone has surpassed 300K on Youtube on his latest single “Knock” as if he never left. His hard hitting lyrics and versatility present in each song is enough to make you obsessed. Aggressive storytelling and raw emotions make Baybetone so unique in his lane, his flow represents his brand perfectly. Only being twenty one years old, Baybetone has a lot in store for the future and the upcoming year. With influences coming from NLE Choppa and Lil Wayne we are able to see the crossover that Baybetone presents. Be on the lookout for his next video release as we are excited to see the future for this upcoming star, as he is only just beginning. 

By mromm01

Founder of PLAYDATE.

Writer at Loading Magazine.

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