DevRAB lets us know it’s okay to be a ‘MISFiT’

Queens, New York artist DevRAB has shared a fresh new EP called ‘MISFiT’, which features appearances from the likes of BIGBABYGUCCI and Kevin Powers. Inspired by feeling like he didn’t belong anywhere, which is a relatable theme for many, he created MISFiT to essentially show others it’s perfectly okay to feel like you don’t fit in. 

Title track “MISFiT” opens the project and makes this messaging clear, presented in an engaging manner as DevRAB delivers infectious, powerful vocals atop sparkling, expansive instrumentation. Capped off by a cathartic hook that lingers in the listener’s head and can be best described as an “ear-worm”, “MISFiT” makes for a colourful introduction to the project and it makes a strong first impression. “KNOW BETTER” follows up the opener with psychedelic, raw instrumentation centred around kaleidoscopic synths and hard-hitting percussion. As booming 808s play out beneath, DevRAB delivers commanding vocals that showcase his versatility as a vocalist, as he delivers them with a more straightforward rap flow. 

Project highlight “Private Shit” featuring BIGBABYGUCCI makes for a project highlight, with adrenaline-fuelled instrumentation that packs a punch. Here, DevRAB and BIGBABYGUCCI share a natural chemistry as they trade off stylish, catchy verses that enhance the track’s effortless swagger. The EP closes with “Up Now”, which contains softer, more atmospheric instrumentation and adds dynamics to the track listing. Here, airy keys and addictive, grooving bass underscores the track’s sharply-crafted vocal performance, making for an engaging, evocative closer to the project.

The latest from DevRAB, MISFiT makes for an infectious listen while also providing relatable themes that draw listeners into the song’s densely colourful atmospherics. 

Stream “MISFiT” here and get familiar with rising Queens native DevRAB:

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