An Interview with Heem Da Dream

By Damilola Grey

Rap Villain member Heem Da Dream, fresh off the release of his debut project “Cosmic Hotel”, sat down with me for our second interview. We talk about his new project, his upcoming single “Feels” and more

Dami: You released Cosmic Hotel earlier this year. Can you tell us about the project?

Heem Da Dream: Say no more. So Cosmic Hotel is a collection of songs that I recorded over a year and a half. I was just in the studio recording a lot with Shaun and Rocket felt like it would be a good idea for me to have a project and I thought so as well. With the consistent music I’ve been recording in the studio, I felt like it was a lot of different vibes but same energy so we put those songs together and that’s how Cosmic Hotel came about. It was a lot of things that got switched around like which songs would make the project but ay we got it done. It’s really a lot of “how I was feeling at the moment” type of music.

Dami: How were you able to pick the songs that made the cut?

Heem Da Dream: That shit was not easy. That’s like trying to pick which of your kids is going to survive. It’s insane, I ain’t gon hold you. Aside from me just listening to the music and picking which one I like the most cause that does go into it, I also had listening sessions with my team throughout the time period of me constructing the tape and getting things together. I had listening sessions in which I played the songs in the order that I felt the tracklist might be, or I’ll just go through them just to see which tracks people were fucking with and let them vote. Whichever songs had the most votes were taken into consideration or automatically chosen but I went back to relisten to them and put them in that order to see what the changes brought out.

Dami: What did you want people to take away after listening to Cosmic Hotel?

Heem Da Dream: I want people to see my individual growth as an artist and to see my starting base so they can tap in and then continue more on my journey and growth as an artist as I drop more music. I just want to give people a starting point to my journey aside from my music with my team. I want people to be able to grow with me.

Dami: What are 3 words you’ll use to describe your music?

Heem Da Dream: Geechie, wavy, and this last one- two words- hoe-friendly. Always hoe-friendly.

Dami: You got a single titled “Feels” dropping next month. Can you tell us more about it?

Heem Da Dream: “Feels” is coming out September 3 rd . I’ve been heavy in my drill bag lately with a lot of shit I’ve been recording. I’ve been seeing I got a lot of good reception from the drill songs I dropped on the tape. It just made sense so I’m about to see what this next drill shit do.

Dami: This your first drop since Cosmic Hotel back in May. Are you feeling any pressure?

Heem Da Dream: I ain’t feeling nothing but liberation. My wings are spread and I’m excited. I can’t wait to drop.

Dami: Apart from it being a drill track, what else should we expect from it?

Heem Da Dream: It’s my twin, Burcci on the beat so you can already expect a geechie, up-tempo vibe. It’s definitely something you should bump with the gang or with a lady friend or even while you’re out. Even if you’re alone, it’s gon help you turn up; it’s gon make you feel good.

Dami: Any visuals for Feels?

Heem Da Dream: Ooouu that’s federal right there but I got you because you’re family. I might drop a visualizer for it. Nothing too serious but I am dropping more music for the rest of the year and there definitely will be visuals for those so just be on the lookout gang.

Dami: Any features on those singles you got on the way?

Heem Da Dream: Of course. I’ve got a song dropping which features one of my brother, RV, the family type shit. It’s a surprise for the feature so a long as you’re tapped in, you gon be in for a surprise so stay tuned and stay geechie.

Pre-save “Feels” HERE.

Stream Heem Da Dream HERE.

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