Geller and wsteaway return with ethereal single, “Losing Sleep”

By Jacob Ezra

Los Angeles artist Geller has connected with wsteaway for a new single, titled “Losing Sleep.” Following up Geller’s well-received single “Boring Life”, “Losing Sleep” makes for a refreshing, genre-bending listen, immersing the listener in layers of warping, ethereal sounds.

Combining sharply-crafted production with textural, expansive sound design, “Losing Sleep” further showcases the California artist’s signature style- combining influences from electronic, indie, alt-pop, and more. Glowing, ethereal synths drift in kaleidoscopic patterns atop brisk, lively production, creating a mercurial, colorful backdrop for Geller and wsteaway’s dream-like vocals. The pair share a natural chemistry here, weaving together emotive performances as they discuss poignant topics such as insomnia, the tediousness of daily life, and mental health.

The latest from Geller and wsteaway, “Losing Sleep”‘s ethereal sound and infectious melodies make for a memorable, genre-less listen.

Stream “Losing Sleep” now:

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