Illusion Hills share refreshing new single “bittersweet” (ft. han.irl<3 and Ryan Hall)

By Jacob Ezra

Photo: Bandon Y Kim

Illusion Hills have returned with a new single called “bittersweet”, featuring han.irl<3 and Ryan Hall. Continuing a prolific release schedule that included refreshing recent singles “genesis” and “chasm”, “bittersweet” further showcases their ability to harness introspective, emotive content through idiosyncratic sonics that flirt with a variety of genres including alt-pop, indie, hip-hop, and more.

Wistful, glitchy guitars open the song, conveying a mood of longing, matched the track’s poignant, expressive vocals. Building dynamically with crunchy, addictive percussion and buttery 808s, it conjures an enticing groove that draws the listener in to the song’s immersive warmth. The chorus provides a cherry on top, with a cathartic, infectious vocal performance that lingers in one’s head long after listening, demonstrating Illusion Hills’ deft ability to string together memorable melodies.

The latest from Illusion Hills, han.irl<3, and Ryan Hall, “bittersweet” continues their run of engaging, outside-the-box releases and has us excited for what may be coming next from them.

Listen to “bittersweet” now:

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