Gios4ma, CQCX Shine With “Excuse Us” Single & Video

By Trey Fox

Gios4ma is an experimental hip-hop artist and producer from Jackson, MS. Following the success of his “Go Live” EP last year, he treated fans to a re-release of his 2017 project called “Heatwave Vol. 1.” Now, he’s returned with a fresh new single and accompanying video called “Excuse Us” from his forthcoming mixtape, “Heatwave Vol. III.” Gio lays the groundwork for the track with his production, but he leaves lyrical duties to fellow rap members of CQCX, a nationwide collective of artists and creatives. The record features Utah’s Lil Du Bois, Chicago’s King $ly, and South Carolina’s Savvy Mcfly.

CQCX has had a strong year, with Du Bois, Mcfly, and $ly each dropping singles within the last few months. Shot by filmmaker and photographer Boots Howard, the video captures the undeniable chemistry that exists within the collective. Howard pans the video to different sides of the room, candidly capturing each member present in the studio during the lauded “Chicago Sessions.” The rap members meet one by one inside and outside in order of their respective verses.

Gio laces the beat with crisp drums, a strong bassline, and looming synths. $ly kicks things off lyrically with a memorable hook. “Ain’t nobody messing with the movement,” he says boldly regarding his team. $ly raps about personal resilience, something he notes is lacking in his competition. Next up is Du Bois, who makes quick work of his verse. “Only dust settles, can’t stand in place,” he remarks swiftly. Du Bois is enjoying the heights that he and those in his circle are achieving. Mcfly closes the deal, expressing genuine happiness and flashing a competitive spirit. “It’s been some time since you feasted/We took your whole plate,” he raps cleverly.

Tyler Blankinship, creative architect and member of CQCX, takes a moment to flex on the outro and remind us that they “got our shoes on your neck!”

Stream “Excuse Us” now:

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