CEE shares memorable offering, “BDE”

By Todd Anderson

Vancouver artist CEE has shared a new video for her song “BDE.” Born in Saint-Étienne, France and moving to Vancouver at 6 years old, she began singing from an early age. While working as a painter, photographer, singer, among other creative pursuits, she has been consistently dropping music and visuals for 2 years, building up a repertoire of infectious, relatable alternative R&B offerings. Her latest, “BDE” is no different, providing a catchy, sleek listen, and is now accompanied by a refreshing visual directed by Sunny Palak.

“BDE” contains silky, memorable production centred around luxurious keys and laid-back, crisp grooves. Atop the relaxed, slick production, CEE delivers a series of elegant melodies sung in a dream-like, sensuous fashion, giving the song a graceful feel. The new video is engaging and stylish as well, adding to the sultry warmth of the track with its glowing shots and rich coloration.

The latest from CEE, “BDE” makes for an infectious, airy R&B offering that provides much replay value.

Watch the video for “BDE” now:

Connect with CEE: Spotify | Instagram

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