Pareto, ArmstrongWW, and with me, with you share reflective single, “habits”

Massachusetts rapper Pareto and Houston-based artist armstrongWW have connected for a new single called “habits”, produced by with me, with you. Affiliated with the rising Hidden Renaissance collective, the artists continue their streak of jazzy, lyrically-focused offerings with “habits”, a reflective track featuring evocative production and poignant verses.

“habits” contains elegant pianos laid smoothly atop rich bass and organic-sounding percussion. Atop the laid-back, subtly dream-like instrumentation, Pareto and ArmstrongWW deliver characteristically vivid, detailed verses that are admirably unafraid to be personal. Making for a relatable, contemplative listen, “habits” continues Pareto, ArmstrongWW, and with me, with you’s respective runs of prolific, sharply-crafted alternative hip-hop releases.

Listen now:

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