London rap duo Pete & Bas drop hard-hitting “Mr Worldwide”

By Christian Peeney

Elderly men rapping British drill music? Apparently, it’s a match made in heaven.

Pete & Bas are 67 and 71 years old, respectively. Despite their age, they both bring a great energy to this track. Their raspy voices fit well with the drill rap beat, sampling Willy William’s “Voodoo” (perhaps more easily recognized as J Balvin’s “Mi Gente”).

I first noticed this track on TikTok, and it stuck out to me mostly because it was two elderly men rapping. That alone is enough to get me interested. However, when actually listening to the track, the production is tight and the sample is catchy. Pete & Bas also show themselves to be skilled rappers and lyricists. The lyrics depict the duo visiting various countries to flex, such as driving “a German whip with a German stick and a German chick” or going “out in Dubai smoking doobies”, proving themselves each to be a “Mr. Worldwide”.

Listen to “Mr Worldwide” now:

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