Get familiar with Asr Avinash

By Todd Anderson

Asr Avinash is a music producer and recording artist known for his signature electronic sound that delves deep into the artist’s psyche. For Avinash, musicality ran deep in the family, and artistic expression was encouraged.

With his anticipated new discography to follow his successful release of “Old News” single, Asr Avinash radiates non-stop creative chemistry spearheading the record with an energizing blend of lofi-hip-hop, trap, and electronic.

He plans to stay on top of his game by setting goals for the near future. Asr Avinash understands the value of focus and discipline, so he takes his progress very seriously. He plans to remain independent and keep producing character-rich music.

His latest offering, “Speak Now” contains infectious sonics centred around warm, evocative guitars that underscore his catchy melodies. Displaying his knack for crafting songs with much replay value, “Speak Now” engagingly blends various influences into a bright, addictive new release. Listen HERE.

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