YB shares fresh new full-length project, ‘WINGS OF AN ANGEL’

YB has shared a fresh new album called WINGS OF AN ANGEL. Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, YB spent much of his upbringing travelling from place to place, never quite belonging anywhere, which later influenced his versatile style. WINGS OF AN ANGEL is his latest full-length release since his evocative 2022 project GLASS CEILINGS, continuing his prolific run of sharply-crafted offerings. Here, he showcases his emotive, poignant lyricism and infectious, uplifting sound.

Opener “hand of God freestyle” sets the tone for the LP with a powerful instrumental centred around driving 808s and raw, expansive guitars. The hard-hitting percussion creates a solid foundation for YB’s commanding, dynamic flows, as he tackles the beat with ease. “butterfly vibes 2” creates an infectious soundscape with catchy, rich 808s and crisp percussion underscoring YB’s focused verses, which build into an explosive hook that lingers in the listener’s head. Tracks like “age 8 freestyle” bring in a more laid-back, breezier sound with soulful samples swirling atop relaxed percussion, showcasing YB’s versatility as an artist. “STILL GOING” provides an album highlight with its cathartic instrumentation and smooth yet gripping flows, providing fiery energy that grabs a hold of the listener and doesn’t let go. Lastly, the album closes in a potent fashion with “wings of an angel freestyle” providing an emotionally resonant closer that ties together many of the different sounds heard on the album into a cohesive 2-minute package.

The latest from Arkansas-bred rapper YB, WINGS OF AN ANGEL finds him delivering 10 focused, introspective tracks, making for an uplifting, engaging listen.

Listen to WINGS OF AN ANGEL now:

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