Connie Roses shares hard-hitting new single “The City”

Pittsburgh artist Connie Roses has shared a new single called “The City.” His latest release since his well-received EP There’s a Light Inside the Tunnel, Come and Grab My Hand, “The City” finds Roses providing an engaging alternative hip-hop offering which refreshingly blends together punk, hip-hop, and more.

Here, Roses’ uncanny ability to blend potentially disparate sounds into a cohesive package is on full display. The production draws strong influences from hip-hop, with booming 808s and crisp, clanging percussion merging together to create an exhilarating rhythm. His vocals, however, are more deeply reminiscent of punk and alternative rock, with a hip-hop flavor. His inflections are captivating, as he dances atop the beat vocally with flexible, dextrous flows and a gripping cadence.

Admirable in its willingness to take risks, “The City” makes for a refreshing listen packed with vital energy. Acting as a manifesto of sorts discussing his thoughts and feelings towards the music scene in his home city of Pittsburgh, “The City” immerses the listener in its atmospheric, raw power.

Connie Roses is an off the wall DIY hip-hop artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Inspired by artists who combine depth with eccentric humor such as JPEGMAFIA and Zelooperz, Connie aims for the deeper understandings of postmodern America which is drenched in the influence of corrupt politics, social media addiction, and a shared sense of self-destruction.

Listen to “The City” now:

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