Daniel Javan, endly, and Seon share infectious single “the way i look at you”

By Todd Anderson

Stockholm-based artist Daniel Javan has connected with endly and Seon for a new single called “the way i look at you.” Here, the artists deliver an infectious offering that provides catchy, engaging vocals that include influences from pop and hip-hop. Containing an atmospheric, spacey instrumental centred around airy backing vocals, rich bass, and head-nodding percussion, “the way i look at you” provides much replay value. Moreover, the vocalists showcase a natural chemistry as they trade off versatile vocal performances atop the immersive instrumentation. The latest from Javan, endly, and Seon, “the way i look at you”‘s grand, layered sonics and catchy songwriting make it a release that is easy to keep re-visiting.

Listen now:

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