Remi Xia shares vivid debut music video for “La Vida Loca”

By Todd Anderson

Vancouver artist Remi Xia has shared the debut music video for her song “La Vida Loca.” An engaging, moody alternative R&B cut that features smoky production and smooth vocals, “La Vida Loca” makes for a stylish offering that is easy to keep re-visiting. The instrumentation contains refreshing, watery keys drifting atop addictive, head-nodding percussion, setting a solid foundation for Xia’s relaxed, buttery vocal melodies. Her verses contain sharply-crafted and infectious melodies, leading up to a memorable hook.

The new video, shot by Chris Ajtony, contains vivid shots that utilize subdued lighting to capture the song’s hazy, warm sound. The video draws the listener into the song’s atmospheric feel, using fire and roses to enhance the song’s themes. A cinematic, balmy accompaniment to the track, the video makes one want to come back and continuously re-visit this offering.

The latest from Vancouver’s Remi Xia, “La Vida Loca” is a vibrant, catchy release that has us excited for what may be coming next from her.

Watch the video for “La Vida Loca” now:

Stream “La Vida Loca” here:

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