Thorne Malik. shares vibrant single “back n for(t)h”

Connecticut-born artist Thorne Malik has shared a fresh new single called “back n for(t)h”. Serving as a fitting soundtrack for evenings in the summer, “back n for(t)h”‘s warm, atmospheric sound combines influences from a variety of genres, making for a refreshing listen. Here, brisk, colorful synths swirl in layers atop rich, driving synth bass and crisp, fast-paced percussion that flirts with juke music. Atop the energizing soundscape, Malik. delivers flexible, infectious melodies that suit the balmy instrumentation, making for a cohesive whole package of vivid production and sharply-crafted songwriting.

The latest from Thorne Malik., “back n for(t)h” provides a character-rich, progressive take on R&B and electronic and has us excited for what may be coming next from him.

Listen to “back n for(t)h” now:

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