Testing share new single “SMILE”

By Damilola Grey

Testing have finally dropped their highly anticipated single “SMILE”. The 4-minute track sees the Atlanta based group consisting of lucidjason, jimmy, and Joe Kappa drop their most vulnerable verses. Joe Kappa starts the track with the chorus, which was nothing short of heavenly. jimmy follows after with his verse discussing his fears, a friend he lost, and how grateful he is to make it past 25. lucidjason ends the track with a verse touching upon inspirations, dreams, and also his fears. Testing painted an amazing picture with “SMILE”, as listeners will feel the emotions coursing through the track. The delivery and production on the single were also perfect. “SMILE” shows that despite how bad things can get, they can always get better, or as jimmy said “it sounds like love”. As much as “SMILE” is full of emotions and vulnerability, it is also full of hope.

Stream “SMILE” below:

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