Detroit’s Otto share evocative debut EP ‘Still Picture You’

Detroit indie pop band Otto have shared their debut EP, titled Still Picture You. Leading up to the project, they dropped a series of evocative, memorable singles that introduced their sound- an 80’s-inspired brand of synthy pop that feels charmingly nostalgic. Formed in a 9×9 studio-slash-bedroom in Detroit, their origin story is as organic as it gets, something that shines through on this new set of 5 tracks.

Opener and lead single “When I Really Saw You” introduces the project’s vibrant and upbeat persona. The song begins with an energizing intro containing lively, bright guitars and warm, expansive synths drifting atop punchy drums. Then, more dynamics are introduced as the drums give way to a minimalistic soundscape containing airy synths and subtle guitars. Building into an explosive and infectious hook, “When I Really Saw You” draws the listener in with its immersive, balmy synth-pop sound.

“Good Fight” follows up with ethereal synths and sparkling guitars that create a shimmering backdrop for the song’s sharply-crafted and addictive vocal melodies. Then, “Stop Time” brings in a slight electronic influence with pumping percussion and breezy, layered synths. Showcasing the band’s ability to draw cohesively from different genres, it switches up the EP’s sound in an engaging manner.

“She’s Like A (Ghost)” contrasts vivid sonics with darker, more nocturnal undertones. Showcasing the band’s characteristically candid lyrical style, it draws the listener in to its mercurial atmosphere with its evocative songwriting. Lastly, the project closes out with “If You Know”, which brings in grand, starry synths and soaring guitars. As subtle percussion enters beneath, the song’s dream-like vocals captivate with their haunting and infectious melodies.

The latest from Detroit’s Otto, Still Picture You‘s 80’s-influenced synth pop sound and earnest, heartfelt songwriting make the project one that is easy to re-visit. Featuring sharply-crafted and energetic instrumentation that underscores the EP’s candid lyricism, it immerses the listener in its energizing, vivid sound across 5 tracks.

Listen to Still Picture You now:

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