Yalla the Melodica- “Are You the One?” review

By Robert Mack

Emerging artist out of Los Angeles, California Yalla The Melodica gives us a new single titled “Are You the One?”. This is only her second release, and I am thoroughly impressed with what I have heard.

With its beautifully assembled melodies , mix of 80s synth pop and modern R&B and old school-influenced drum sounds, when listening to this song, I get the visual image of a school vaporwave gif with a delorean riding off into the sunset. Doing more research on the vaporwave movement it began between 2011 and 2012 when young artists began creating remixes of songs from the 70’s  and 80’s, mixing them with smooth jazz and lounge music, creating a new and strange genre, resembling a kind of “sad elevator music” . We see a lot of the imagery from the vaporwave movement being incorporated into music videos, cover art and artists overall branding. Its impact is something that cannot be seen all across the entertainment industry and Yalla seems like a product of that influence. The track keeps you wanting to listen to it over and over again because of the concept of less being more. With Yalla`s airy vocals and beat selection she uses the beat ingeniously to help cultivate an experience for the listener. She extends the end of her vocals to help invoke that synth feeling that really gives the song that repeat effect. 

When listening to this track it reminds me of artists such as Kaytranada, The Internet , Amber Mark , Lou Phelps, Topaz Jones  and others within this space of bringing back the old and mixing it with the new. I would not be surprised to see her do a collaboration with Kaytranada sometime in the future just because of the different sounds she brings to the table. 

Studying spotify playlist for awhile i’ve noticed artists that have a sound similar to Yalla that like to fuse the old with the new tend to land on  spotify editorial playlist such as Outliers, Choice Edit, Fresh Finds R&B and others. I hope to see her go far and be able to land on this playlist and get consistent blog coverage. 

Listen to the track below:

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